Ariens Razor 911175 Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Review

The Ariens Company has a long history which dates back to 1933 when Henry Ariens took his sons to his garage to show them his new gas-powered rototiller.

The Ariens Company has been successfully making outdoor power tools since then. The Ariens Razor 911175 is a self-propelled gas-powered lawnmower designed and assembled in the Ariens Company workshop in Brillion, Wisconsin.

Ariens Razor 911175 Lawnmower Review

Ariens 911175


To start with the Ariens Razor 911175 is an attractive lawnmower in black and saffron. The gas-powered lawn mower is not very light and weighs around a hundred pounds. It measures 45”x22”x18.5”.

The self-propelled lawnmower has a deep domed heavy-duty steel deck with a cutting width of 21”. The deep domed design of the deck facilitates maximum airflow and enlivens the mowing experience. The height of the deck can be adjusted by a single lever located above the right side rear wheel.

Ease of Use and Performance

The self-propelling rear-wheel-drive Ariens Razor 911175 is easy to maneuver. The maneuverability of the lawnmower is brought about by the self-propelling rear-wheel-drive feature that enables you to move the lawnmower even through uneven terrains with ease. You have to just guide it through the path.

The lawnmower can also be moved without the help of the self-propulsion feature but then this mower is hefty and can pose a problem especially if you have slopes. The rugged 8” wheels with radial tires and the comfortable Rite Hite adjustable handle adds on to the maneuverability of the mower.

The handle height can be easily adjusted to suit yours and will take off any strain from your back. The cruise control on the handlebar lets you adjust the speed of the mower in accordance with your stride. The lawnmower can attain a maximum speed of 3.2MPH.

The bar attached to the handle that engages the engine and the deck when depressed is a little hard to operate and can put some pressure on the hands which may eventually cause fatigue on prolonged use.

The Ariens Razor 911175 boasts of an extremely powerful 159cc Ariens engine and a wide 21” cutting deck. The Lawnmower starts at the single pull of the cord and does not call for priming. The dome-shaped cutting deck allows for maximum airflow and enhances the quality of the cut to a great extent.

The deep domes deck enables the mower to slice through tall and heavy as well as wet grass quiet easily and never gets bogged down by any challenge thrown in its way.

The height of the cutting deck can be easily adjusted using the single point height adjustment lever. The height of the deck can be adjusted to seven different positions within the range of 1” and 4”.

The height-adjustable handle along with the compact mower can be stored easily in different positions and does not require much storage space.


The maintenance required for the Ariens Razor 911175 is pretty much the same as in for gas-powered mowers. You need to lubricate the moving parts, sharpen the blades, fill in the oil, check the spark plug and the air filter. The lawnmower if maintained will not give any starting problem even after sitting through a cold season.

Safety Features

The handle control that has to be depressed to engage the blades is itself a safety feature that would eliminate any risk of an accident. Also, the variable speed control will allow you to lower the speed as and when required.

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