Best Backpack Sprayers of 2021? Complete Reviews With Comparison

When it comes to gardening, nothing can replace the importance of a reliable backpack sprayer. Just like us, plants also feel suffocated living in toxic conditions created by the growth of pests and weeds. The only solution to the problem is by using the best backpack sprayer.

Undeniably, searching for a good backpack sprayer is tricky, and that’s why I am here with reviews of the top 5 sprayers you can get in 2020. Go through these unbiased reviews to find out which backpack sprayer fits your needs.

Top 5 Backpack Sprayers Reviews

Chapin International 63985 Backpack Sprayer

Chapin International 63985 Backpack Sprayer is a reliable option if you are looking for something that makes spraying your garden easy. The easy-to-operate sprayer comes loaded with a lithium-ion battery so that you will get a constant flow rate along with a steady spray pattern.

The battery can last somewhere around 1.75 hours of continuous spraying, and then you have to recharge it for the next session. Comfort is what you will never complain about with Chapin 63895 due to its ergonomic and padded straps.

If you have a massive garden that requires more spraying, then this backpack sprayer is a viable option. It has a 4-gallons tank that holds the right amount of pesticide. Moreover, the 6-inch wide mouth funnel allows easy refilling on the go.

When it comes to the flow rate, then Chapin 63985 sprays 0.4-0.5 gallons of solution per minute, and that makes it ideal for spraying in significant fields. Also, the spraying handle has a decent grip so you can hold it for a prolonged duration.

The powerful motor mounted on Chapin 63985 produces enough power to spray up to 20-feet horizontally. You will get an in-tank filter and three nozzles with this backpack sprayer, so there is no need to purchase anything separately.

Bottom Line

Champin 63985 lacks a lockable trigger, and that can make it quite arduous for you to use it due to overwhelming hand fatigue. However, the nozzle can spray up to 27-feet, which means that you can cover a big area with improved efficiency.  You have to recharge the battery before using the sprayer as it doesn’t come charged from the manufacturer.

The 3-stage filtration system makes this backpack sprayer an ideal option if you don’t want the debris to contaminate the chemical and clog the nozzle. Spraying with Champin 63985 is easy, and the wand remains in control all the time. Also, the extreme seals prevent any possibilities of leakage, and you will experience ultimate longevity with this quality backpack sprayer.


  • Padded straps for better comfort
  • Powerful spraying mechanism
  • Easy to refill and clean the tank
  • Charging station included in the box


  • A bit pricey
  • Overfilling the tank can lead to leakage from the lid
  • Limited battery life

Field King Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer- Best Affordable Sprayer

If you are looking for the best backpack sprayer under $100, then have a look at Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer. It is a manual sprayer so that you won’t get any batteries or motor mounted on it. The bigger pumping handle makes it easier to spray.

You can create pressure inside the tank using the pumping handle. There is a trigger attached to the spraying nozzle as well, and it will prevent unnecessary squandering of the pest repellent. The comfortable straps will reward you with the comfort you need while spraying.

Also, Field King offers a filtration basket with the prayer, and it will keep substantial debris out of the sprayer tank. As Field King 190328 is a manual backpack sprayer, therefore you can spray for as much time as you want.

The capacity of the tank is 4-gallons, which means you can use this backpack sprayer for small and medium-sized gardens. Field King has used Viton Seals in the sprayer unit, which curtails the chances of leakage and is easy to replace.

The trigger is lockable, so there will be no hand fatigue at all. Overall, Field King 190328 is a pretty decent option for the money if you have a limited budget. Moreover, the sprayer is ideal for small and medium-sized gardens, as it can be exhausting to spray big gardens without a motorized backpack sprayer.

Bottom Line

If I say a value for money backpack sprayer then Field King 190328 tops the list. It is an affordable sprayer with a comfortable handle and lockable trigger. The translucent tank gives an idea of how much pesticide is available inside it so that you can refill it in no time.

Moreover, the transfer pipe connecting the handle to the tank is durable and resists cracking up to a great extent. If you want a sprayer for your lawn or garden, then Field King 190328 is a considerable option. The manufacturer offers four additional nozzles with the sprayer so you can use them as per your spraying needs.

Lastly, Field King 190328 works well with TeeJet nozzles in case you need one.


  • Value for money backpack sprayer
  • Durable tank and internal pressure chamber
  • Easy to repair
  • No restrictions of batteries as such


  • Required frequent pumping
  • Not ideal for bigger areas

M4 MY4SONS 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer- Editor’s Pick

M4 MY4SONS is an efficient battery-powered backpack sprayer that comes with a steel wand for added durability and easy spraying. The battery is included with the sprayer, and you don’t have to buy it separately.

This is a 4-gallon sprayer, which makes sit perfect for medium and large fields as well. The readings scale attached to the tank will help you in determining the amount of liquid left inside. Got a small spraying job to do? Fill only the chemical required for it by referring to the readings scale.

The best part about M4 MY4SONS is battery life. With a single charge, the sprayer can work for around 6-8 hours continuously, or in simpler words, you can spray around 200 gallons of chemical with just one charge.

MY4SONS offers two wands with the sprayer, including an acid bleach wand, and a stainless steel wand for your different spraying needs. Also, the powerful motor can build a pressure of up to 30Psi, and you can adjust it using the switch.

The sprayed chemical stream can reach up to 30 feet if used with full pressure, and you can target a bigger area in a short period. The manufacturer offers a powerful DC charger that can recharge the battery in 8-hours, and it is again ready for the action.

I liked the availability of the voltmeter, and the extra comfortable straps that will make spraying much more convenient. Overall, M4 MY4SONS is a considerable backpack sprayer if you want to bid goodbye to the hassles of continuous pumping and short battery life.

Bottom Line

Bigger fields require a powerful and motorized backpack sprayer, and M4 definitely sits best on these parameters! The powerful motor runs quietly and offers the right pressure required for spraying. You can spray up to 30-feet, and that’s why M4 MY4SONS is here in this list of best backpack sprayers.

Another thing that makes M4 MY4SONS an impressive sprayer is the availability of lead-acid batteries that have zero memory effect. Even if you use the sprayer after quite some time, the batteries will still perform well provided that you charge them fully. The DC charger offered by the manufacturer takes around 8-hours to charge the batteries, but you can get a fast charger if you aren’t happy with the stock charger.


  • Availability of voltmeter
  • Pressure control switch
  • Durable tank and wands
  • Easy to use


  • The battery takes time to charge
  • Not an inexpensive option

Husqvarna 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer- Best Value

Husqvarna 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer is a manual backpack sprayer that offers ultimate ease of spraying with the assurance that the tank won’t leak. You can use this sprayer with liquids and table powders, which means that it serves as a diaphragm and a piston sprayer as well.

The ergonomic pumping handle allows you to build up pressure in the tank conveniently. Also, the max pressure this handy sprayer can create is up to 150psi so that you can use it for small gardens. From refilling the tank to changing the gasket seals, everything becomes effortless when you have Husqvarna 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer.

The tank is not transparent, so you have to open the lid to check the residual chemical. Additionally, the lid mouth is wider, so refilling won’t be a task anymore. Husqvarna claims that the internal mechanism of this backpack sprayer resists leaks, and the chemicals will not drip down any time.

There are multiple capacity options available in Husqvarna 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer so that you can get a smaller one for a small lawn. In a nutshell, Husqvarna 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer is not a commercially feasible backpack sprayer as pumping can become hard after some time. However, this is a good pick for homeowners with gardens.

Bottom Line

Husqvarna 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer is available with 2-gallons and a 48 oz. tank option as well so if you don’t need a bigger sprayer you can settle down with a smaller one. Husqvarna is a celebrated name in the industry, and you can expect a considerable lifespan with this sprayer.

The tank is entirely opaque which requires you to open the lid in order to check the residual chemical left for spraying. The pressure pump of the sprayer performs really well, and I’ll not hesitate in saying that it outperforms the pressure pump of other sprayers available in this range. There are no additional nozzles available with this backpack sprayer, so the spraying is limited unless you spend more to buy the nozzles.


  • Spares are available easily
  • Works well with liquids and table powders
  • Comfortable handle for easy pumping


  • No additional nozzles available

Field King 190515 Backpack Sprayer

Field King is here again with a quality backpack sprayer that works with batteries. This is a 4-gallon sprayer and comes loaded with an 18V lithium-ion battery that supplies power for around 4-hours continuously.

Upon a single charge, you can spray approximately 50-gallons chemical solution by using the 8002 nozzles. Charging the battery requires 3.5 hours, and you can start spraying again with full pressure. There are some exclusive benefits of using Field King 190515 backpack sprayer like you can pre-set the pressure with the 8002 nozzles.

Also, the fully-padded harness ensures unmatched comfort, and you can spray for an extended period. Field King 190515 has powder-coating over it, which improves the durability and makes the sprayer resistant to the harshness of UV rays.

I found the triple filtration system beneficial when it comes to preventing the tank from large debris. The harness attached to the straps makes the sprayer more stable, and you don’t have to struggle with it at the time of spraying.

Field King offers four nozzles with the sprayer so that you can attach the best one based on the spraying purpose. Lastly, the integrated carry handle resolves the transportation task, and you can carry it back to your home if your back is tired.

Bottom Line

Field King 190515 is the best budget motorized backpack sprayer. It comes with a lithium-ion battery that does its job pretty well and supplies ample power to the motor for optimal spraying. The trigger features a quick-lock button so that you don’t have to bother your hand.

Also, the battery compartment makes installing the battery easier, as it has enough space to accommodate it. Field King 190515 offers unmatched comfort, and the sprayer remains stable on your back, all thanks to the comfortable straps and the harness.

It is a great sprayer for users who don’t want to splurge money but still need a powerful motorized backpack sprayer.


  • Professional shut-off trigger
  • Gaskets and Viton seals available in the box
  • Comfortable strap with integrated harness
  • Battery charges quickly


  • Battery life could be better
  • Some users complained about leaks

Buyer’s Guide: Things You Need to Know About the Best Backpack Sprayers

Buying a backpack sprayer may seem easy, but it isn’t! You have to consider a plethora of parameters that can influence the performance of the sprayer. Here in this buying guide, I’ve highlighted the essential factors you should check to make the most out of your purchase.

Motorized or Manual

Generally, there are these two types of backpack sprayers available in the market, and you have to choose one based on your requirements. Motorized sprayers are powered with batteries, so you don’t have to invest any manual efforts in pumping the pressure.

On the other hand, manual backpack sprayers require you to pump pressure inside the tank so that you can spray the chemical on the field. A motorized backpack sprayer is an ideal choice if you have a massive field to spray, whereas manual sprayers work well for small lawns and gardens.

Pump Type

You can choose a backpack sprayer based on the type of pump it has! There are two types of pumps available, i.e., diaphragm and piston pump. Diaphragm pump sprayer works well even with dry herbicide formulation, and you will get better longevity with them as compared to piston pump sprayers.

On the other hand, backpack sprayers with piston pumps are relatively cheaper and easy to maintain.

Capacity of Tank

Another essential aspect is the capacity of the tank. If you have to spray a bigger area, then a sprayer with better tank capacity will be great. As a result, you don’t have to refill the tank multiple times, and you can spray the field in one go. Sprayers with lesser tank capacity are a good option in case you have a small area to cover.


A backpack sprayer has to withstand the harsh UV rays emitted by the sun along with the climatic conditions. Also, it should resist reacting with the chemical you will carry in it. Make sure to buy a sprayer that is durable enough to pass the test of time. All the backpack sprayers listed here are durable, and you can expect a decent lifespan with them.

Interchangeable Nozzles

A backpack sprayer with interchangeable nozzles is perfect for multiple spraying tasks. Not every type of plantation requires the same nozzle, and you will get added benefit by purchasing a backpack sprayer with interchangeable nozzles.

Note: Check whether the manufacturer offers the nozzles with the sprayer, or you have to buy them separately to avoid spending more money.

Changing the nozzles frequently may require you to calibrate them for better spraying. Check this article to know more about calibrating the nozzle of a backpack sprayer.

Comfortable Straps

Carrying a backpack sprayer isn’t easy, as you have to carry the weight of the chemical plus the weight of the sprayer. Comfortable straps will make it convenient for you to carry the sprayer for a prolonged time. Nowadays, most manufacturers offer quality straps with the sprayers, but it would be great to check it before making the purchase decision.

Lockable Trigger

A lockable trigger is an essential component of every backpack sprayer. There are two benefits associated with a lockable trigger one if you don’t have to press it with your hand continuously, and the second one is it prevents the chemical from dripping when you are not spraying.

Also, a lockable trigger eliminates hand fatigue, and you will get a pleasant experience with backpack sprayers equipped with it.


The tank of a backpack sprayer has to bear a lot of pressure in order to spray the chemical, so safety is indispensable. Generally, most of the backpack sprayers available in the market guarantee ultimate safety provided that you are buying a branded one.

Easy to Refill

Refilling is a task you have to do multiple times, so go with a backpack sprayer that has a broader tank opening. Refilling a tank with a small opening can be challenging, and it can result in wastage of chemicals.


Usually, backpack sprayers don’t cost an arm and a leg; still, you should consider your budget before buying one. These devices are available at a plethora of prices, so you will get a reliable option even if you have a packed budget.

Tips to Make Your Backpack Sprayer Last Longer

Just like any other gardening equipment, a backpack sprayer requires regular maintenance. If you want your sprayer to last longer, then here are some tips you should know.

Never Forget to Clean the Sprayer After Use

How often do you clean the backpack sprayer? If you answered once in a week, then it can dramatically reduce the life of the sprayer. You should clean the sprayer after every use to prevent the nozzle from clogging. The table powder mixture can form a hard material, and that can clog the nozzle ultimately making it unfit for spraying.

Always clean the sprayer from top-to-bottom to ensure that it performs well and lasts longer.

Winterize It Properly

Properly winterizing the backpack sprayer protects the machine from the harsh climate. You can add the antifreeze solution to the tank of the sprayer to make sure that it sustains winters without getting damaged.

Take Care of the Seals

There are multiple types of seals attached to the sprayer that prevents it from leaking. You should check the seals after some time to make sure that these don’t need a replacement. Never use a backpack sprayer with a damaged seal as it can lead to leakage, and will curtail the performance of the sprayer. Always keep some o-seals and Viton seals handy so that you can replace the damaged one on the go.


  • How often do I have to pump a manual sprayer?

Pumping is required to build pressure inside the tank for spraying the chemical. You have to pump frequently to maintain the pressure; else, the sprayer will not deliver its full efficiency. Buying a motorized backpack sprayer will eliminate the need for pumping, and you can use it with ease.

  • How can I spray between ornamentals and crops with my backpack sprayer?

You need a spray drift guard to spray between ornamentals and crops without damaging the flowerbeds. Get a spray drift guard like Solo 4900430 sprayer and attach it to your backpack sprayer.

  • How durable is the plastic tank?

The plastic tanks are made using high-density polyurethane, which is quite durable and resists reacting with the chemical filled inside them. So you can rest assured that the tank will last longer than you think.

  • Is a motorized backpack sprayer worth its price?

Using a backpack sprayer with a motorized pump will save your precious time and requires fewer efforts as you don’t have to pump it manually. So it is worth every single penny to invest in an excellent backpack sprayer.

However, it depends on your requirements, as well! If you are looking to spray your garden once a week, then a motorized backpack sprayer is not a worthy option for you, as you can get a manual one for a better price. Motorized sprayers work well for the users who have to spray their field every now and then or involve commercial usage.

There are some good manual as well as motorized sprayers reviewed in this article so you can make your choice accordingly.

  • Are motorized backpack sprayers noisy?

Yes, motorized backpack sprayers are a bit more noise as compared to manual sprayers. Similarly, battery-powered sprayers emit less noise than gas-powered sprayers. If you need a neatly silent backpack sprayer, then go with a manual device like Field King Professional 190328 or buy a battery-powered one.

  • How long does the battery last?

It depends on the type of backpack sprayer and the capability of the battery. A bigger battery can deliver more run time as compared to a smaller battery. For example, Chapin International 63985 comes with a medium-sized lithium-ion battery that lasts somewhere around 1.75 hours, which is enough to spray bigger fields.

Final Verdict

Having the best backpack sprayer is indispensable to safeguard your plants from pests and weeds. Choosing a sprayer from this list will reward you with the assurance that you are buying something recommended by the experts.

In my opinion, the M4 MY4SONS 4-Gallon is the top backpack sprayer as it has an excellent battery life and is ideal for bigger fields. If you have a packed budget, then go with Field King Professional 190328 as it is the best sprayer under the budget.

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