Black & Decker EM1700 Lawn Mower Review

The Black And Decker EM1700 is a corded electric lawnmower from the house of Black and Decker, which has been into manufacturing and bringing about innovation in outdoor power equipment since 1910.

The Black and Decker EM1700 is an environment-friendly lawn mower that is user-friendly at the same time and can be operated by almost anybody. Only the presence of a cord may need a little mastering but even that wouldn’t take much of a time and would not require high technical skills to get used to it.

Black & Decker EM1700 Lawn Mower Review

black and decker em1700


The usual black and orange body characteristic of a Black and Decker model, the EM1700 is made from a tough and highly durable ABS polymer that can be guaranteed for life.

The mower is built of this polymer for the most part of its body except the blade and the handle which are made of steel. The Black and Decker is extremely light in weight. It weighs around 32lbs and measures 31.2”x20”x17”.

Thus we can well understand that this is a lightweight compact machine with a durable body that will not undergo any corrosion and can withstand rough mowing conditions without ripping itself apart.

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The wheels are rugged and have radial tires made of plastic. The rear wheels are larger than the front wheels.


The Black and Decker EM1700 has a cutting width of 17” with an edge max technology deck and a height adjustment lever on the left-hand rear wheel with six different height adjustment options between 1-1/10” and 3-1/10”.


The handle is non-adjustable but can be folded and collapsed on the deck when not in use. The handle is accompanied by a handlebar that has to be depressed to engage the blades and a push-button start.

Grass Collector Box

The grass collector box is also made of the same polymer that the rest of the body is made of. It is hard and durable and you do not have to worry about any wear and tear on prolonged use which can be a problem if you have a fabric bag collector.

You can also opt for an EM1700 Collect and Go Bag that is made of fabric and can collect up to 30% more grass than standard bag collectors instead of the polymer collector box.

Getting it together

It’s simple to assemble the Black and Decker EM1700. It comes pretty much assembled for the most part of the mower. You just need to attach the handle which comes in two pieces and then snap together the five pieced hard grass collector box and slide it to the rear of the mower. Attaching the fabric bag collector is even simpler as you have to just fix it to the mower’s body.

You can now just plug in the extension cord to a power outlet and your mower is all set to get started. The extension cord does not come with the mower unit and has to be purchased separately.

So invest in a cord that is long enough to reach all the nooks and corners of your lawn. It should have a 14 gauge wiring capable of supplying 13 amps to the lawnmower.

Starting the mower

You need to just plug in the extension cord to the power outlet and push the power button which is located in the handle. Electrical power is thus supplied to the mower engine. You have to now depress the handlebar to engage the mower blade and get going.


Once you have successfully started the mower, which by now you know can be done in a jiffy, you need to push it along the right path and the mower blade will do the job for you. The maneuverability of any mower depends on the wheels and the handle of the mower and the density of the grass in your lawn.

The rear wheels being larger than the front wheels pushing the mower uphill or over obstacles wouldn’t pose a problem. The handle cannot be adjusted according to the height of the operator so the operator may have to bend over to push the mower across the lawn. This may cause back strain and may cause discomfort if you are tall.

As mentioned before if you have not used a corded mower previously, then adjusting to the cord may pose a problem initially and may take a few days to master the technique of avoiding moving over the cord.


The lightweight Black & Decker EM1700 corded lawn mower can be easily carried with the help of the grip on the edge of the deck or with the one at the center once the job is done. The handle can be folded and collapses on the deck for a compact storage. It takes minimum storage space in your garage.


The Black and Decker EM1700 is easy to maintain. The mower blade and deck along with the grass collector has to be cleaned after mowing. Occasionally the blades need to be sharpened. It does not require extensive maintenance like the gas lawnmowers.


The Black and Decker EM1700 is equipped with a razor-sharp blade, a cutting width of 17”, six height adjustment options and Edge Max technology. The Edge Max Technology aids in moving the mower right up to the edge.

This is an exceptional feature that helps in landscaping. The 17” cutting width may be less when compared to other mowers but along with the razor-sharp blade and the edge max technology, it would give you a uniformly manicured lawn within no time. The height of the cutting deck can be easily adjusted with the single point lever.

The single point lever helps you to lift the deck on all the four wheels with a single lever. You can adjust the height of the deck to six different positions between 1-1/10” and 3-1/10”. The mower may require a few passes in case of long grass and it’s difficult to keep it straight in uneven ground.

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