Black & Decker BEMW482ES Corded Electric Lawn Mower Review

The Black and Decker BEMW482ES is an environment-friendly, cool-looking, 12 amp corded electric lawn mower most suited for small-sized yards. It is powerful and is designed to move through tighter places, move over small obstacles and even handle long grass.

It is one of the easiest to use lawnmowers you can come across and almost anybody and everybody without any expertise can carry out the mowing job with this lawnmower.

Black & Decker BEMW482ES Lawnmower Review


The first thing that attracts you in this lawn mower is its design. Built-in orange and black, this lightweight Black and Decker mower has a high impact resistant polymer body that is guaranteed for life.

The mower weighs around 42lbs and can be easily maneuvered across the lawn with ease. It measures 31”x19”x16” and is compact enough to fit into a small storage space. It has an easy to carry handle right at the center of the deck for carrying this lightweight mower along with you.

To start with it has a unique pivot control handle that enables maximum control and provides extra comfort in terms of cushioning and a firm grip. It has a push-button that aids in starting the machine and two top buttons for left and right movement.

The Black and Decker BEMW482ES has rugged with treads that contributes to the maneuverability of the mower and can move over thick grass easily without any risk of clogging. The rear wheels are slightly larger than the front wheels and aids in the movement through slopes.

The Black and Decker BEMW482ES has a winged blade cutting deck with a cutting path of 17” and a handy single lever on the left-hand rear wheel that allows you the adjust the height of the cutting deck. You can choose from six different height adjustment options between 1” and 3”.

The Black and Decker BEMW482ES has a large clippings collection bag attached to the rear end of the mower. The mower is backed by a two-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Ease of Use

The pivoting handle accounts for the easy maneuverability of the machine along with optimal comfort. This is unique to the Black and Decker electric mower and offers a level of comfort that no other mower can boast off. The handle can be easily folded and collapses into the deck for compact storage.

The rugged tread wheels are grippy and can easily pass over thick grass and improve the maneuverability of the mower and take the strain off your muscles. The additional handle allows you to lift the deck in case of obstacles and can help you to carry it along back to the place of storage.

Starting is no more a thing to worry with the electric operated corded lawnmower. You need to just plug in the cord to a grounded electric outlet outside your house and get going. The simple push-button start will get the engine purring. Getting used to a corded mower may take some time though.

You need to start by mowing close to the power outlet and slowly move away from it. You need to just take care of the fact that the cord does not come in the way and move it opposite to the direction of the discharge chute to prevent it from getting damaged.

The only disadvantage with a corded mower is the fact the presence of a cord limits the area that can be covered with this mower as there is a restriction in accordance with the maximum length of the cord and so this mower doesn’t suit long narrow yards.

The 17” cutting path may seem to be small compared to the 20” ones normally available in the market but is ideal for small yards and can be easily maneuvered around trees and garden hoses or fences.

The height of the deck can be easily adjusted between 1” and 3” with the help of the single lever. The lever allows you to adjust the height to six different positions within the aforesaid range.

The winged blade can tackle a lot including small twigs, thatchy weeds, and other vegetation. The performance of the winged blade is impressive and better than most electric operated lawnmowers. It also accounts for a 30% increase in the clippings collection rate compared to the standard mowers of this level.

The clippings are easily collected in a removable bag. The bag is spacious and you do not have to empty it often in the midst of a mowing job.

The bag can be easily removed from the mower unit and emptied to dispose of the clippings and then set up once again for a new job. There are no other modes of clipping management options available in this model like mulching or side discharge.

The Black and Decker BEMW482ES does not make any noise and you do not have to worry about your neighbors getting disturbed by the operations. It is environment-friendly and there are no harmful emissions and neither will it enhance the carbon footprint of your household.

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