Black & Decker CM1936ZA Cordless Lawn Mower Review

The Black & Decker CM1936ZA is a battery operated cordless electric lawn mower perfectly equipped to handle a yard, that measures up to 1/3rd of an acre, on a single charge.

The lightweight yet powerful Black and Decker lawnmower is environment-friendly and does not emit any harmful fumes or make noise to disturb your neighbors and has an energy star rating to its credit i.e. it is guaranteed to consume less electricity in its charging systems.

Black & Decker CM1936ZA Mower Review



The Black and Decker CM1936ZA has a simple yet attractive design. Built-in orange and black, it has a high impact polymer deck that is guaranteed for life. The Black and Decker CM1936ZA weighs around 90lbs and measures37.4” x 22.2” x 24.1”.

This cordless battery operated lawnmower has a 19” cutting width with an improved blade for better precise cuts and longer durability.

Their mower deck is actually spring-loaded and a simple press lever on the right-hand side of the deck is used for adjusting the deck height. The right side front wheel has a height adjustment gauge that tells you the height at which the deck is being set.

The Black and Decker CM1936ZA is powered by a 36V rechargeable battery and is well equipped to last for 1/3rd of an acre.

It can be easily removed from the main deck and swapped for charging. A charger comes along with the kit. The ability to remove the battery from the mower unit and charge it separately aids in the use of an extra battery as and when required.

The Black and Decker CM1936ZA is a push behind mower wherein the manual driving force is brought about with the help of a long adjustable handle. The ergonomic handle has a comfortable foam grip and a sleek handle bar for engaging the blades.

The start kit is fitted in one of the sides of the handle. The unit comes with a key, which when inserted in the start kit, engages the power from the battery.

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The Black+Decker CM1936ZA also comes with a reusable bag that can be attached and detached for emptying the contents, a mulch plug and a manual to guide you through. The 36V cordless lawn mower from Black and Decker is backed by a two-year limited warranty.


The Black & Decker CM1936ZA cordless lawn mower is very simple to use and maneuver. The lawnmower starting process is easy. You need to insert the key into the starting kit, press the orange button on the kit and then press down the handle bar to engage the blades and get going.

The electric lawn mower starts at the press of a button and doesn’t make any starting fuss and does not require any priming. It does its job pretty silently and has zero emissions that may be hazardous to the environment.

The 19” cutting deck with improved blades are precise and do not require multiple passes and are perfectly suited to small-sized yards.

The height of the deck can be easily adjusted with the unique patented press and release button and the gauge gives you an indication of the height at which it is being set.

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The Black and Decker CM1936ZA offers two modes of clippings management. You can either insert the mulch plug and mulch the clippings to finer ones and then dispose of them on the fields for easy decomposition.

These mulched particles act as nutrients for the grass. Or else you can remove the mulch plug and attach the bag for collecting the clippings for later disposal. The bag is spacious and does not require constant emptying in the midst of a job.

Maneuvering this Black and Decker 36V cordless lawn mower across the lawn doesn’t pose any problem at all. There is no restriction as to how far you can carry this lawnmower along with you as it is devoid of any cords.

The handle of the mower can be folded and collapsed on the deck for compact and easy storage. You can even store it in an upright position to minimize the use of floor space.

The battery can be easily removed from the main mower deck and charged elsewhere. You can keep multiple batteries to ease out your process or if you have a large lawn.


The start key eliminates any risk of the engine starting off unnecessarily. So you do not have to worry about the untimely engaging of blades during storage, cleaning, and maintenance.

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