Bosch 1617EVS Fixed Base Router Review

For the buyers who are involved in the home DIYs and are looking for a handy wood router that is lightweight, easy to use and has enough useful features to deal with different exciting projects, the Bosch 1617EVS would be an ideal choice.

Apart from the compact design and efficient features, numerous other things make the Bosch 1617EVS a great buy for the buyers, especially for the homeowners.

Bosch 1617EVS Router Review

bosch 1617evs router

Bosch has been a reliable brand that not only has the reputation of manufacturing highly durable products for the buyers. And the Bosch 1617EVS is another brilliant product for the buyers who are looking forward to buying a reliable hand tool for them.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top five features of the Bosch 1617EVS that make it a worthy product for homeowners and those buyers who have recently established their business and are looking for an ideal wood router for the smaller projects.

Apart from the top five features, we are going to talk about the various positive and negative things about the 1617EVS that

you should know about the product before making the purchase. So, if you were planning to buy Bosch 1617EVS and aren’t sure whether the product will be a great buy for you or not, read the article till the end and know more about this amazing tool from Bosch. So, let’s get started.

Top 5 Features of Bosch 1617EVS

As said, the Bosch 1617EVS fixed base router has numerous features that can be treated as the USP and reasons behind the popularity of the router.

However, if we need to choose a few of the best points about the router, then they can be listed as follows. The following five points about the 1617EVS make it a worthy product in the price range and are the reasons behind the enormous popularity of the router.

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So, if you have shortlisted for yourself, and are willing to know about the best features of the router, then read further to know more about this amazing router from Bosch.

Variable speed

The first great thing about Bosch 1617EVS is the variable speed selection. Like the high-end routers from Bosch and other brands, the 1617EVS has a variable speed controller that makes it easier for the users to keep things in control while working with different projects.

And as the router can be used by holding it in hands, the users must have full control over the speed and operation of the router.

So, if you were looking forward to buying a reliable wood router for your DIYs and smaller projects, the Bosch 1617EVS will be an ideal choice for you.

Powerful motor to deal harder wood

Although Bosch 1617EVS has a compact and lightweight design, it is equipped with a reliable and highly efficient 2.25HP motor that is powerful enough to run at 8000-25000 RPM without any issues.

Instead of being a compact router this is capable enough to deal with harder woods for the projects that need higher precision.

So, if you were looking for a compact and powerful router that can handle the tough projects with ease without being too heavy or hard to operate, the Bosch 1617EVS would be the best router for you to go with.

Longer and durable power cable

The biggest problem with the compact wood router is the short length of the power cord that limits the usability of the router. However, if you are purchasing the v, then you won’t have to worry about this as the Bosch 1617EVS is equipped with a long power cord that is durable enough to be used for years without any maintenance.

So, if you were also looking for a router that as a good length power cord and that can be used for long hours without any issues, the Bosch 1617EVS would be a brilliant choice.

Depth adjustment

Unlike the other routers in this price range and category, the Bosch 1617EVS comes with a depth adjustment feature that provides the user better control over the projects and the users can easily work on those projects that need better precision and efficiency.

Great design for easy hold and operation

Lastly, the Bosch 1617EVS has a great design that is specially built for the users who love using an easy to hold router. The handy and lightweight design of 1617EVS makes it one of the easiest to carry and use routers in this price range.

So, if you were after design and usability, the Bosch 1617EVS would be the best choice for you in this price range.

Along with the above-listed features, numerous other points make Bosch 1617EVS a great buy. And you can know all of them along with the other hidden benefits of investing money to the router by purchasing it for your home/workshop.

In addition to the top five features, we also came across some of the positive and negative points about the Bosch 1617EVS router.

And as a buyer, you must know about them before making the purchase. So, go through them and make your call that whether you should buy the router, or not.

  • Handy and lightweight design
  • Great brand value
  • Reliable construction
  • Noisy and high in vibrations

If you think that you can deal with the above-listed pros and cons and the Bosch 1617EVS fixed base router seems a good buy to you, then we will recommend you to buy this amazing router from Bosch without any second thought.


So, this was a brief overview of the brilliant wood router from Bosch. In all, if you were looking forward to buying a compact, feature-rich, and efficient wood router that can easily be used by keeping it in hands, the Bosch 1617EVS would be a perfect product to go with.

With adequate power, reliable feature-set and several other things that make it a perfect wood router for homeowners, this product is a worthy buy for you.

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