Echo PB-250 Leaf Blower Review

Echo Incorporated has been in business for more than 40 years now. Originally an importer of high-performance 2-cycle engines and hand-held products manufactured by Kioritz Corporation of Japan, Echo started manufacturing and engineering hand-held outdoor power tools since 1979.

It has grown ever since and has been one of the leading developers of the two-stroke engine technology which boasts of combining the environmental requirements with high-quality performance and the Echo PB-250 hand-held leaf blower is no exception to its range of leading innovative products.

Echo PB-250 Leaf Blower Review

echo pb 250


The first thing that would strike you when you come across this leaf blower is the compact design and the exceptional lightweight that generates the enormous power that is characteristic of this leaf blower.

The echo PB250 weighs around 9.5lbs and features an ergonomically designed 3 position handle that enables you to carry it around and use it comfortably. The lightweight along with the rotational control adds on to easy handling and minimizes the Gyro effect.

The blower tube is secured to its position with positive locking latch or Posi-loc pipes and has an exclusive curvature that provides rotational control to reduce the stress and fatigue that accompanies most hand-held blowers.

Thus the Echo PB 250 requires significantly less effort to maneuver and get the job done with a minimum amount of stress on the operator’s wrist and arms. you can also check the other leaf blower review like Black & Decker BV6600


The Echo PB-250 is powered by a 25.4cc professional-grade 2 stroke engine characteristic of the Echo technology. It can churn up 391cubic feet of air volume per minute (CFM) and the maximum speed with which the air gushes out of the tube can be up to 165miles per hour.

Thus this compact machine boasts of a very high performance and efficiency level that can even be used by professionals for medium or large-sized yards. Other Leaf Blower Worx WG509 Review

Fuel Tank

The Echo PB-250 has a see-through fuel tank with a fuel capacity of 16.9oz. The fuel tank capacity is of standard capacity and can last for long hours without the need for refueling.

Less Noise

The low noise is one of the most important features of the Echo PB250 Leaf Blower. Generally, most two-stroke engines have a loud noise accompanying their use, which has been overcome by Echo with this low noise leaf blower.

The Echo PB-250 emits a maximum noise of 65 decibels to the user’s ear. Some users have claimed that they did not even require earplugs while using this leaf blower and this may be a safe variant if you have neighbors in the near vicinity. This leaf blower qualifies for sensitive environments due to its low decibel output.

Grouped Controls

The Controls are grouped in an easy to access the control panel so that it becomes easy for the user to operate it.

The group controls include throttle with a cruise control switch to control the amount of airflow through the nozzle.

This not only allows you to vary the speed according to that required for your project but also takes off the stress from the arms by lowering the vibrations.


So now let’s have a look at how this machine really performs in the field. True to its promise it takes off much pressure from the arms of the operator with Echo’s innovative curvature and rotational control technology.

This fuss-free leaf blower is environment-friendly in that it creates minimum noise in spite of having a powerful two-stroke engine. The power that this machine generates gets your job done in a jiffy. You can not only move dry leaves but wet leaves, sprigs, and debris can be worked up with equal ease.

The only drawback that this hand-held leaf blower has is that it has been reported by many to create starting problems and may require quite a number of tries before it actually starts, though Echo boasts of an easy start system.


The Echo PB250 comes with a 2-year commercial warranty and a 5-year consumer warranty i.e. the manufacturer provides a two-year warranty if the product is used for commercial purposes and a five-year warranty if it is used by homeowners for household use.

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