EGO LM2102SP Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review

Gone are the days when you would have to use gas-powered lawnmowers if the job in hand involved a lot of power. With environmental issues seeping in more and more companies are coming up with electrically operated or battery operated cordless models that can generate the same amount of power while being eco-friendly at the same time.

These machines do not add on to the overall Carbon Footprint of your household, do not emit harmful fumes and are less noisy when compared to the gas-powered models. The EGO LM2102SP is a self-propelled powerful cordless battery operated lawnmower.

EGO LM2102SP Lawn Mower Review

ego lm2102sp

Built-in Silver and Gray with green touches to accentuate it this sturdy good looking lawn mower is not just good looks but boasts off an excellent performance as well. The sturdy self-propelled lawnmower weighs about 78lbs and is lighter than most mowers in this category.

The IPX4 rated mower can withstand water splash in any direction for up to 5minutes. So even if it starts raining you do not have to worry about your mower. The lightweight design allows you to maneuver it easily.

It has 7” tall front wheels and 9” tall rear wheels. Ego has upgraded the ball bearings on the wheels reducing the friction and giving it a smoother push.

The power from the engine is transferred partly to the rear wheels. The self-propelling rear-wheel drive lawn mower can easily pass over long grass and small obstacles.

The EGO LM2102SP has a large 21” cutting deck with a single green handle lever on the left-hand side of the deck that is used to adjust the deck height.

The ergonomically designed handlebar can be easily folded and collapses into the deck for compact storage. The mower can be stored in an upright position as well without the need of inclining it to support.

The height of the handle can be adjusted to suit yours and has a cruise control right at the center of the handlebar for further convenience.

In addition, there is a built-in handle that enables you to lift the lightweight lawnmower and carry it for transporting it to the storage area rather than pushing it along. This is especially helpful if you have a graveled pathway.

The EGO LM2102SP also features twin dual-LED headlights for mowing at night and a Mulch plug to shift the mode of clippings management. It comes with a large bag that can be used to collect the clippings during rear discharge.

The kit version includes a 7.5 Ah “ARC Lithium” battery and a 60-minute rapid charger. This is a tough battery with a black epoxy coating that prevents damage from weather and water drops. The ARC in the battery refers to the shape which dissipates heat while providing a completely sealed design.

It takes around 40 minutes to recharge the battery completely and once fully charged it can last for about an hour of light cutting time. The time for which the charge will last will depend largely on the type of grass and the lawn terrain.

The more the effort needed or the more the power the engine requires to do the job the less time will the charge last. There is an indicator that will tell you the exact amount of charge that is remaining and will also let you know when you need to recharge your battery again.

Keeping an additional 5Ah battery is recommended if you have a large yard. The high power engine driven lawnmower has a wide cutting width of 21”.

The lawnmower is perfectly suited for medium to large-sized lawns. The 21” cutting width is at par with most gas-powered models and you will require fewer passes to complete mowing the lawn quickly.

A single lever handle on the side will let you adjust the deck height. The deck height can be adjusted to five different options within a range of 1.8” to 4”. The 56V engine provides higher torque and a smoother cut.

The cruise control at the handlebar will allow you to adjust the speed of the mower in accordance with your stride. The speed can be adjusted between 1.8MPH and 3.6MPH.

A high powered self-propelled cordless lawn mower changes the entire mowing experience altogether. It can take care of smaller areas and can even work in places where noise abatement is mandatory.

The LED headlights along with the low noise emission also enable you to use the mower irrespective of the time I.e you can mow even at night without worrying about disturbing any neighbor while the LED lights provide you the necessary illumination to carry out the job.

With the 7.5Ah battery at your disposal, you require actually zero prep time and the engine can be started off in a jiffy with just the push of a button.

The EGO LM2102SP provides you with two different options when it comes to clipping management. You can either insert the plastic plug so that the leaves that are once cut is double mulched to finer pieces before they are set off in the field once again for decomposition.

These finer clippings work as nutrients for the growing grass. Or you can remove the mulch plug and allow the internal vortex created by the working of the blades to bag the grass clippings and keep them for disposal at a later time.


The battery-operated EGO LM2102SP starts with the push of a button which is located right in the middle of your handlebar. Once the engine starts purring the energy is also sent to the rear wheels which helps the lawnmower to self propel.

You have to just guide it through the lawn for mowing. The self-propelling lawnmower takes off a lot of strain from you. The rear-wheel-drive has an added advantage and eases out the maneuvering operations even in hilly or rough terrain.


The EGO LM2102SP emits very little sound compared to a gas-powered mower and can be almost marked as silent. There are no other safety features.

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The EGO LM2102SP comes with a five-year warranty. The Ego website will give you a user manual. You can download it and also order parts online. There is an EGO community where you can post your queries or questions and discuss it with other Ego equipment owners.

But for the repair, you cant log in online. You have to call them during working hours and they would provide you with the nearest service center where you can take it for repair.

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