Greenworks MO10B00 17-inch 10 amp Corded Lawn Mower Review

Greenworks Tools brand markets the tools produced by Globe Tools Group and is one of the leaders in lithium-ion technology as well as in outdoor power equipment. These equipment include air-compressors, blowers, chainsaws, cultivators, hedge trimmers, snow-throwers, lawnmowers, etc.

As with all the equipment manufactured by Greenworks Tools, the lawnmowers too are environment-friendly and are electrically operated.

So none of them emit any harmful substances in the air, or enhance the overall carbon footprint or make loud noises which can itself be a hazard.

These mowers are either corded or cordless i.e battery operated. But that doesn’t mean that they are less powerful than their gas operated competitors.

They can do their job equally well and with precision. The Greenworks MO10B00 is a corded lawnmower powered by a 10Amp motor and with a cutting width of 17”.

Greenworks MO10B00 Review

greenworks 10 amp


The Greenworks MO10B00 is an environment-friendly corded electric mower that is well suited for a small or a medium-sized yard.

This lawnmower does not look like a toy and has a sturdy rustic look associated with it. The green and black body of the mower is made of extremely hard and durable plastic.

The front, as well as the sides of the deck between the rear and the front wheels, is flat in shape. This lets you move as close to the obstacles as possible. You can trim the grass around the trees or beside the flower beds or close to the walls or fence.

The sturdy mower is compact in shape and size though not as small as the ones meant for small lawns only. The overall dimensions of the mower are 52.05”x19.21”x41”. The mower can be easily stored in the garage and requires less floor space. The mower is also light in weight.

The  Greenworks MO10B00 weighs around 36.2lbs. Thus it is neither difficult to carry it to your lawn from the storage space nor is it difficult to maneuver through the lawn. The lightweight aids in easy maneuvering of this push drive mower.

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The Greenworks MO10B00 is compact and can be easily stored in your garage space. The grass catcher can be easily detached from the main unit and kept on top of it when not in use while the push drive handle can be folded and collapses on the mower deck.

Thus minimum floor space is utilized by the mower during storage. Some consumers have even asked for the possibility of hanging it. Owing to the lightweight only it can be hung if you have a proper hanging device.

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Assembling the unit just takes a couple of minutes as most it comes pre-assembled. You have to only attach the push drive handle to it. The Greenworks MO10B00 is a user-friendly mower.

To start the machine you need to plug it in using an extension cord. The length of the extension cord should be chosen by the length of your lawn.

It determines the cutting radius of this corded lawnmower. The extension cord does not come along with the unit and has to be purchased separately.

Once the machine is connected to an electrical outlet, you can push the start button to instantly start the motor and then engage the handlebar by pulling it close to the handle to set off. Corded lawn mowers often pose a problem if you are not used to dealing with the cord.

The cord holder eases this out to some extent. The Greenworks MO10B00 needs little or almost no maintenance. You need to just clean the deck and other parts after every mowing session to prevent the grass clippings from clogging the blades.

You may also need to sharpen the blades occasionally for a smoother tag-free operation. It does not require extensive oiling nor do you have to change air filters or spark plugs.


The 17” plastic cutting deck with sharp steel blades are powered by a 10amp motor which provides enough power so that even tough grass can be handled with ease.

The 17” deck means that the machine will need fewer passes to get the job done and will require less time to do it. Long grass may need more than a single pass but if you maintain your yard regularly then this will not pose any problem altogether.

The height of the deck can be easily adjusted between 5/8” and 2-5/8” manually with the help of a small lever and so you can have a uniform cut. The grass clipping that is being cut can either be mulched further to finer pieces and left in the field for easy decomposition.

This can be done by attaching the mulch plug below the rear flap. Or else you can attach the removable grass catcher bag to the unit and collect them in the bag for disposal at a later stage.


There are no additional safety features like a safety switch or a key but this Greenworks MO10B00 unit cannot be operated unless it’s plugged into an electrical outlet which in itself acts as a safety feature. But the absence of an additional safety feature can be treated by some as a disadvantage in this model.

Apart from this it does not emit any harmful gasses in the environment and does not make any loud noise thereby making it feasible for you to continue operations even during the evening or night without disturbing your neighbors.


The Greenworks Tools offers a four-year warranty on the product. This in itself is proof of the quality and durability of the product as most lawn mowers come with a warranty of one or two years.

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