Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Lathe Review

Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Lathe Review

The Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 lathe is the option for those looking to handle lots of smaller work like spindles, pens and bowls easily and comfortably. The direct drive motor is controlled using this DVR technology that is smooth without that annoying vibrating belts and pulleys.

This Nova DVR series is the only smart lathe out there right now that comes with this intelligent adaptive control software for exceptional turning conditions.

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Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Review:

What really powers this lathe and sets it aside from the rest is this unique DVR technology. And the Galaxi DVR 1644 has been packed with this beautiful design too and it’s a pretty well thought out design profile as well. For example, when turning on any big lathe, its critical for that lathe to be heavy and set so that the vibrations created by it, or the when turning wood work on it to get that smooth cut doesn’t topple it over.

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The Galaxi DVR 1644 has this heavy as it’s been constructed entirely out of cast iron and is super heavy. On top of that, you get these tons of accessories with it that we think makes this lathe a great start kit as its safe and versatile. Included with this lathe are spurs, chucks, tool rests and live centres.

The tricky part about wood turning is the motor tension and changing of the belts, especially if that lathe doesn’t happen to be of the direct drive lathe variety. This can be a nuisance when using that lathe regularly as you have to keep release the tension on the motor each time the speed changes or move the belt to the right pulley combination and then reapply the motor tension. With this Galaxi lathe, you don’t have that thanks to the direct DVR where all you have to do then is turn a dial. Then, adjusting the RPMs for each task is as simple as a few seconds!

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This is a big time saver and a hundred times safer. In many cases, people avoid changing the speed as it’s too much of a hassle. If you’re still not convinced, check these top advantages of Nova’s DVR 1644.

DVR Technology:This is what makes that awesome direct drive unit possible. This is a computer controller that manages all of the torque, RPMs and load. So when you apply the tool to the work piece, the unit registers things like the resistance, increase loads and then increase or decrease the torque and power to match, even maintaining the RPM settings that you customise later on.

Reverse and Forward capability: This lath can be expanded to 29 inches outboard with an optional outrigger accessory and another 44 inches between centres.

Loads of Power: The lathe has been fitted with this trademarked Direct Drive DVR, and at 2HP (220V) and 1.75 (115V), that’s more power in here than those standard 16 inches lathes on the markets.

Adjustable Speed Settings:You can choose up five full speeds using the PLUS Dial fitted in the Speed Controls that is precise, faster and can be programmed or saved speed settings that you need frequently using the Favourite Speed.

Solid CAD designed Structure: Made out of cast iron, this isn’t a lightweight cheap option. Nova says that it’s a larger, more exclusive design with ribbing on the side for structural strength, made possible using CAD design application. Also part of the design is this tool shelf and spare spots to add more shelves if required. These extra shelves have to be purchased separately.

Super compact, Super Powerful: This lathe is right for those who need their space! The swivel head leaves enough compact space for you to turn large bowls easily, and that’s even when you have the articulated outrigger accessory attached on too. When working on larger projects, you simply have to slide the head-stock along the bed.

360 degree swivel head: Turning is comfortable when you can move this head to an angle that you can work with.

Top Torque Power:You get high torque from the start making this lathe just right for low speed turning. No more belt turning for you as the spindle gives you full power output every time.

Incredible RPM speed ranges: The RPM can be adjusted to any speed from 100 to 5000 and gives you greater versatility for a variety of projects.

Intelligent on the inside: The computer controller packs some serious power and can analyse the spindle position and the power required for maintain a speed limit.An increase in the cutting pressure causes the drive to add more power.

50% energy efficient:The DVR is power -smart in that its only uses as much power as required. A motor this efficient stays cool for longer and guaranteed to last longer also.

Low maintenance: The DVR motor is simple, there are a few mechanical parts, no pulleys or belts, magnets or brushes, just some very powerful and durable industrial grade stat or winding.

Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Lathe: Pros at a glance

  • A large lathe must be heavy to execute balance work, Nova Galaxi is made of solid cast iron and delivers the basic purpose of a large woodworking lathe.
  • No need to correct pulley combination time to time, to change the tension on the motor, as DVR 1644 has direct drive motor that will save you a lot of hassle.
  • Also sports great speed range and quick action cam.
  • The lathe comes with large range of accessories.
  • A detailed manual is included with the lathe, it will be of many help if you are a beginner.
  • Also comes with 6″ Faceplate, Fasteners, 12″ Toolrest, Knock Out Bar etc


People that have been using the standard, old-school 12 inch lathes will know that they’ve got lots of limitations. The Galaxi lathe can turn better, has lots more HP runs smoother and is full sized. Again, its not a bad machine but might not suit everyone’s needs, here are some things to know.

Steep Shipping & delivery charges: You need to pay extra to have this delivered to your home and falls somewhere in the region of $200, and $250 to $350 extra for the protection plans, and that’s on top of the $2.5K price tag.

Tricky assembly: The individual parts are heavy indicating good build but this also makes it tough to assemble on your own

For professional use only: Although it might sound safer what with the automated safety and speed control, but is tough to use these settings and might be cut out for beginners.

For smaller, lighter work: The lathe can’t take on very heavy projects, and although this isn’t specified anywhere, in our opinion it looks like light to medium work only, at best. We don’t recommend testing out heavier work as you could end up breaking it and fixing the lathe will cost you.So it hasn’t been designed for those looking for a really heavy duty lathe.

Maintenance/Fixes costs: These costs are extremely difficult and almost impossible due to the DVR and headstock design. It’s a complicated setup, we’ll give you that all you can do is send it back to the manufacturer, or make use of the protection plan if you’ve purchased one.

Swivel headstock: The swivel feature might be great and comfortable, but we’ve heard how this leads to a head stock that’s weak and less solid. The other design flaw are these soft-touch button controls and On/Off switch that doesn’t feel tactile enough – again this might be different for you.

Over-powered for some: Users have described how hard it is to work with the lathe because of its strength. The horsepower the motor gives you might be too much; we’d agree here after all this machine is meant to be lightweight. Finding replacements for the all cast-iron body is a task and you have to inform Teknatools for replacements.

Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Cons: At a Glance

  • The product doesn’t come with a warranty; you may have to pay extra to request warranty for it.
  • The product received some complains about the controlling system technology, it may cause errors sometime.
  • The security features of Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 are not really related to woodworking.

Frequently Asked questions about Nova Galaxi DVR 1644

  1. Is it sturdy enough to handle heavy work?

Yes, It is. DVR 1644 weighs around 450 pounds and stout enough to keep the tool still, not vibrating while doing heavy work on it.

  1. Does it require belts to change the tension on the motor?

No, it has self driving motor; changing the speed can be done easily, just by turning the dial.

  1. Does it have computer controller to monitor the RPM?

Yes, the lathe comes with DVR technology.

  1. Is the tool suitable for beginners?

Yes, it comes with a detailed manual.

  1. Are Faceplate, Toolrest, Live Center, Knock Out Bar and Spur Center included with the lathe?

Yes, all of them are included.


Overall, when used the right way and in the right conditions, we found that it was a real treat to use the Nova Galaxi DVR 1644. It is built really well and the DVR technology is just the kind of turning elements you need for your workshop.

This could be the way to go if you need a lathe that can get the job done quickly and effectively, or if you have lots of smaller projects and would rather not spend time adjusting and readjusting the motor RPM speeds and tensions. The advantage is that it also comes with this feature where you can set speeds as well, and this can take a lot of time of you hands.

It is sturdy and doesn’t have that vibration effect thanks to all the all-metal build. Heavy set and tough to find spare part replacements though; so if there is any damages to the exterior build or if you drop it while moving it around, you need to send it back to the manufacturer to get it fixed. The same goes for all of that technology they have on board.

Some users didn’t like paying extra for it, but we think that this price tag kind of justifies everything that it has, it does have a pretty sturdy build.

One thing we did like about this is that is a mix of the ‘tried and tested’ design element and some fancy features too, that we think are pretty easy to use – so it’s not like you have to spend time trying to figure it out.

This lathe is ideally suited for some one who still has the smaller lathe with pulleys and belts and could use an upgrade. You can also use it if you’re intimidated by turning – the kind of safety features it has make it just right for new wood turners. It is also a top quality lathe with all the right and necessary features, technology for easier wood turning and is unlike what you have in the market today.

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