Porter Cable 690LR Review: Best Fixed Base Wood Router

The fixed base routers are considered as the best choice when it comes to professional users who are willing to install a reliable router with easy usability.

The fixed base wood routers have numerous benefits and if you are looking for a professional and reliable companion for your projects they can be an ideal choice for you to go with.

However, this popularity of the fixed base wood router has attracted many top manufacturers to introduce their products in the market with great feature-set and competitive price tags.

And this also has made the things tough for the buyers as they have to compare several products to find a perfect one for them. But in case you are planning to buy the best in the class wood router that not only is a reliable performer but also worth every penny, the Porter Cable 690LR can be a perfect product for your workshop.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best features of Porter Cable 690LR Wood Router, its pros, cons and will discuss whether you should buy this router for yourself or not.

So, if you haven’t shortlisted the router for yourself till now, we will suggest you to once go through this article so that you can make your mind about buying this amazing wood router from Porter Cable. So, let’s get started.

porter cable 690lr

Porter Cable 690LR Features

As a premium tool from the brand, there are numerous features about the Porter Cable 690LR that make it a worthy buy. But as it is not possible to list all the great features of the tool here, we are going to focus on the five of the most talked-about points of the router.

In case you are not aware of the features of the 690LR and are willing to know about them, then this section is of extreme importance for you. Go through these five features, and then decide whether the router is the right choice for your workshop, or not.

Stable design and operation

The first thing that you are going to notice about the Porter Cable 690LR is a stable and durable design. The body is made to last and the highly durable build-quality makes it a perfect choice for the buyers who are after the durability and longer life.

By having a stable design and durable body, you can be assured of having better control over the tool while operating it, and as the router has a single operating speed, it must be controlled flawlessly to avoid any hazard.

So, if you were after a reliable router with efficient design and brilliant durability, you should opt for the Porter Cable 690LR.

High powered motor

Along with a durable and useable design, the Porter Cable 690LR is equipped with a highly powerful 1-3/4 hp motor that provides enough power to run the router at 27500 RPM.

So, if you were after a highly powerful and efficient router that can easily deal with all your projects in the workshop, the Porter Cable 690LR would be a brilliant choice.

The higher-powered motor makes it easier to deal with the tough wood and bigger projects that need higher power and accuracy than the normal projects. So, if you are a professional and are looking to buy a reliable router for yourself, the Porter Cable 690LR would be an ideal buy.

3-year warranty

The compact routers are generally less durable than the traditional counterparts that have a tougher and bulkier body. But it is not the case with Porter Cable 690LR. Although it has a compact body, the durable and highly efficient design is design to last for years.

In fact, the tool comes with a three-year warranty that somehow shows how durable the router is, and you can completely rely on it for the prolonged use.

So, if you were looking for long-term investment and are searching for a router that can easily serve you for years, the Porter Cable 690LR would be an ideal choice for you.

Auto-release collet system

Another great thing about the Porter Cable 690LR is the auto-release collet system that makes it an easy to use and change required bit within a few minutes. Moreover, it simplifies the overall operation of tool for those users who are new to woodworking and are looking for a router with a simplified approach to things like changing the bits set and operation.

So, if you were also looking for a wood router with a fixed base that is easy to use, and has reliable operation, the Porter Cable 690LR would be a great choice.

Adjustable height feature

As a great useful router, the Porter Cable 690LR has a micro-adjustment height feature that provides users a great way to deal with the précised projects that need more accuracy and efficiency than the normal projects.

Also, this provides the users with better control over the tool as they can go with high accuracy of 1/128 inches. So, if you were after an accurate, easily adjustable router for our workshop, the Porter Cable 690LR would be an ideal wood router for you to go with.

Apart from the features, there are a few things that can be referred to as the pros and cons of the tool. And as a buyer, you need to know them before buying.

These points can help you decide wisely about buying the router. So, go through them and decide whether you should invest your money in it, or not.


  • Easy to handle
  • The collet system is easy to operate
  • Great brand value


  • Single-speed motor


So, this was a brief overview of Porter Cable 690LR that will help you decide whether you should invest your money in the router, or not.

In all, if you were looking forward to buying a reliable wood router that provides you great value for money and is extremely easy to maintain, Porter Cable 690LR is the perfect choice for you to go with.

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