PowerSmart DB8621P 21″ Gas Walk-Behind Push Lawn Mower Review

If you have a yard that is smaller in terms of size, in that case, PowerSmart gas-powered push lawn mower would just be the perfect option for you.

This device weighs 68 pounds which makes it quite easy to handle. It’s a 159cc engine that powers this device and it is quite capable of operating in different types of tight spaces.

This mower can be used for mulching, bagging, and various other purposes. It comes with a side-discharge option. This mower is strong and durable and when it comes to ease of operation, it is one of the best available in the market.

It comes with a durable and strong steel deck. The height of the machine can also be adjusted from a range between 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

powersmart lawn mower

This PowerSmart DB8621P lawn mower is available with a grass catcher, discharge chute, a lower and upper handle, screws, a washer, cable clip, flange bolts, and a spark plug wrench. It comes with a limited warranty of up to 2 years

When it comes to the key features, this gas lawn mower has a lot to offer. Here are some of them.

Pull Starting, which makes it easy to operate. It comes with a 3 in 1 bag. The side discharge adds an extra feature to this machine. It also comes with mulching options. It comes with a 16-gallon container with an easy release feature. There are 5 different adjustment levels for cutting grass. The mowing deck is made of steel and its size is 21-inches.


This is a tough machine that is available in black and red colors. Every single time, the machine gets started with the first tug. It has a 4-cycle OHV machine.

The fact that it is light weighted, it can be easily moved around the yard. However, when it comes to bigger yards, with thick grass, this mower is not suitable, though it needs to be mentioned that the engine is strong enough to handle thick grass.

This PowerSmart DB8621P machine can be assembled quite easily and has a reputation of offering a clean cut. There have been feedbacks, where the users have suggested that the bagging container could have been a bit more robust.

However, it needs to be mentioned the bagging container has a capacity of 18 gallons and when it comes to releasing, the process is very simple. On the whole, this machine offers an easy mechanism for grass cleanup.

There is one more important aspect that needs to be mentioned when it comes to its performance. Unlike some other mowers, which require multiple pulls to get them started? This machine comes with the PowerSmart option, which sets it going with one single pull.

Assembling the Machine

This is an important part and you need to make sure that the machine is assembled properly. This is how assembling needs to be done

At first, the upper and lower handle needs to be attached. Then the cable of the recoil starter needs to be inserted into the upper handle. Then you need to fuel the machine Once you have completed these steps properly, your machine is ready to be used.

When it comes to grass catcher, attaching and detaching it is a simple process. Similarly, you can also add the discharge chute at the side if you want to.

There is a lever available that allows you to adjust the cutting height. The mower comes with an engine throttle that allows optimum mulching and bagging performance for a long time to come.

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Cut Quality

This PowerSmart DB8621P lawn mower is available with 5 different position adjustment features which allow you to maintain a varied length when it comes to the length of the grasses. It comes with an eight-inch wheel at the rear which makes this mower easy to push and operate.

You can also make great use of the side-discharge feature for adding nutrients and fertilizers to the lawn for a healthy and thicker look.

The dimension of the slender specs is 18 x 33 x 23 which makes it easy to glide through the bushes and it can be easily sidled up to fences and sandboxes.

It is capable of chopping bulky bushes quite easily and smoothly. PowerSmart lawn mower is capable of cruising through all the pesky obstacles and tight areas in your yard.


When it comes to maintenance, there a couple of important aspects that need to be taken care of. The blade needs to be checked on a regular basis in order to make sure that it is attached properly and the sharpness is retained.

It is recommended to use sharp blades only and whenever the blade hits an object, make sure to turn off the machine and wait till the blade stops completely. You need to make sure that if any part of the blade is damaged, then it is replaced immediately.

The deck’s underside needs to be cleaned after every single use in order to prevent the build-up of debris and grass clippings. Make sure of not placing any trap or storage cover on top of the mower as long as it is hot.

Always make sure to keep the tank full as it helps to reduce the amount of vapor and air which in turn helps to reduce fuel deterioration.

When it comes to adjusting the cutting heights, it should be done only when the blades and engines have stopped completely. Before starting the engine, every single time, gasoline and oil need to be added.

Safety Features

Here are some of the safety features that make it special:

The engine comes with a start/stop lever which helps to prevent unintentional starting. The blade can be halted by releasing this lever.

The engine should stop immediately after releasing the start/stop lever. If it doesn’t happen, then you need to get in touch with the customer care department immediately.

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