Sun Joe MJ401C Pro Cordless Lawn Mower Review

Known for manufacturing electrical outdoor power tools and a part of the Snow Joe Company, Sun Joe has been constantly striving to produce low priced affordable tools for homeowners. The Sun Joe MJ401C is a cordless electric lawnmower.

It is a battery-powered alternative to the highly popular Sun Joe MJ401E which is a corded variant. So you now have the option of getting rid of the gas-powered lawnmowers which add to environmental hazards and you do not have to face the limitations of a corded mower as well.

The Sun Joe MJ401C is an environment-friendly electric cordless lawn mower that is easy to use and has all the features to be your perfect companion in your yard chores.

Sun Joe MJ401C Pro Review

Sun Joe MJ401C


The Sun Joe MJ401C cordless lawnmower has been designed keeping in mind the small to medium-sized lawns and is an electric lawn mower sans the limitations of a corded variant.

This means that there is no limitation regarding the cutting radius of the mower. Neither do you have to worry about the cord getting into your way while the mowing process is in progress?

The Sun Joe MJ401C is almost similar to that of the best selling MJ401E except that it is cordless in nature.  This attractive cordless lawn mower has a body in shades of green. The body is made of plastic which is durable but not suitable for rough usage.

It should be strictly used for personal use and restricted to small to medium-sized lawns. The lawnmower is compact and lightweight and can be easily stored. The overall dimensions of the mower are 61.5” (depth), 21” (height) and 16” (width).

The mower weighs approximately 29lbs and can be easily carried to the lawn. The lightweight also contributes to the ease with which it can be maneuvered along with the lawn and also provides an additional option of storing it by hanging it on the wall and thereby using no floor space for storage.

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The wheels of the Sun Joe MJ401C are rugged and are suited to move smoothly on all terrains. The wheels are small and only 5.5” in size.

The cutting deck has a width of 14” which is not large enough but is suited for small restricted spaces. The plastic cutting deck with sharp steel blades will allow you to go as close as 1” to 1-1/2” to the obstacles such as flower beds or walls or fence.

The blades are powered by a 28V rechargeable during the mowing lithium-ion battery. The mower has a built-in push-button LED battery level indicator so that you can have a fair idea about the remaining charge in the battery at any point in time.

The height of the deck can be adjusted manually. The small rod attached at the front of the deck below the mower unit can aid in adjusting the deck height to three different heights. The minimum height is 1.18” while the maximum height is 2.52”.

The cordless lawn mower has a push drive system. The handle that facilitates the push drive system is collapsible and can be folded to engage less space when not in use.

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The handle has a starter kit attached to it. This comprises of a safety button and an Insta start handle on the right-hand side of the main handle.

The handle has an ergonomic cushioning for a better grip and to reduce the risk of any kind of fatigue sipping in from prolonged work.

The Sun Joe MJ401C is also equipped with a grass collector bag for effortlessly collecting the grass clipping. This removable hard top grass collector bag has a capacity of 10.6 gallons and can be easily detached from the main unit for disposal. Additionally, there is a small flip covered area on the deck that houses a safety switch.


The Sun Joe MJ401C is an easy to use compact cordless lawn mowing machine. The best part of the machine is the ease with which it starts.

The hassle-free starting mechanism involves inserting the safety key in the socket and then pushing the safety button followed by gently pulling off the trigger like the handle to set off the engine.

The engine starts each and every time you repeat the procedure and does not involve extensive processes as involved in a gas-powered mower.  The only time that the engine may not purr is when the charge in the battery is exhausted.

The Sun Joe MJ401C needs minimal or almost no maintenance. You do not have to change any spark plugs or air filter, neither do you have to oil the parts regularly. The only maintenance that the mower needs is cleaning the mower after every use to prevent clogging and occasional sharpening of blades.


As mentioned earlier the Sun Joe MJ401E is powered by a 28V lithium-ion battery. The battery provides adequate power to the mower and can last up to 25 minutes of mowing time. On average a fully charged battery can power the machine to mow a 10000 sq ft lawn successfully at one go.

The battery takes around 4 hours to recharge fully once exhausted. The only disadvantage with the battery unit is that it cannot be removed from the mower unit and the entire unit has to be taken near the electrical outlet to put it to charge. Also, there is no provision for replacing the battery.


The sharp and highly durable steel blades with a cutting deck of 14” is not large but is ideal for small-sized and medium-sized yards that have narrow spaces. The cutting deck along with the powerful motor gets the job done comfortably. It can even handle tough grass.

The height of the deck can also be adjusted to three different options which enable you to cut the grass at the desired length. Adjusting the height of the deck is pretty easy and can be done manually by lifting the wheel axles to one of the three slots.

The mower has an electrical speed controller that automatically sets in when the grass becomes thicker The clippings thus cut can be easily collected in the removable hardtop grass collector bag. Attaching the bag to the mower does not pose a problem.

You just need to lift the rear flap and attach the bag to the mower. Alternatively, the clippings can be discharged through the rear of the mower to the lawn itself. The flap helps in diverting the clippings to the ground and prevents them from flying all over the operator.


Apart from the safety button that is present in the starter kit and which has to be engaged before you pull the Insta start trigger to get the motor started, the Sun Joe MJ401C is equipped with an additional safety plug that has to be inserted.

This keeps the machine operation from the reach of children as the machine can’t be started without the presence of the safety plug. The mower is approved by ETL and complies with the North American safety standards.


The Sun Joe MJ401C as we have mentioned earlier is an eco-friendly mower. It does not emit any harmful gasses to the environment and helps in reducing the overall carbon footprint of the household.

The cordless mower is almost noiseless and you can operate it any time you want without worrying about your neighbors getting disturbed by its operations.


The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty on the product.

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