Sun Joe MJ401E Lawn Mower Review

The company which started off in 2004 manufacturing one of the most affordable snow shoveling electrical instruments, has an expansive range of outdoor power tools to its credit today. The Sun Joe MJ401E is one of its most popular and inexpensive corded lawn mower models.

Though none of the lawnmower models manufactured by Sun Joe can be termed expensive, yet this model can be specifically said to be cheap and highly affordable.

But that does not mean that the quality of this machine has been compromised. This lean, mean and green mowing machine as they like it to be referred to as has all the features that you would be needing to get your yard work done, without leaving a trace of pollution in terms of both noise and gas.

Sun Joe MJ401E Review

Sun Joe MJ401E


Designed and developed keeping in mind the need for an easy to use lawn mowing machine that would be an ideal choice for smaller tighter spaces, the Sun Joe MJ401E is a compact and lightweight corded electric lawn mowing machine that can fit in or go almost anywhere and everywhere.

The overall dimensions of the machine is 61.5” (depth) x 29” (height) x16.5” (width). The compact machine can be stored easily in the garage.

The foldable push drive handle that collapses on the machine deck and the removable grass collector bag that can be kept on top of the mower when not in use reduces the floor space required by the machine during storage.

The lightweight machine weighs a mere 29lbs and can be easily carried along to the lawn from the storage area with ease. This lightweight lawn mower can be hung from the wall without utilizing any floor space for storage.

The lightweight also contributes to the fact that it would be easy to maneuver the machine along with the lawn without leaving any wheel prints on the grass.

The Sun Joe MJ401E has an attractive hard plastic body that is available in four color variants. You can choose from red, green, blue and black models. All the models are equally attractive.

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The wheels are rugged in nature and facilitate smooth movement over any terrain without any risk of pulling or tagging. The rear wheels are 5.5” in size.

The lawnmower has a deck size of 14-inches. The deck is made of durable plastic while the blades are of steel. The plastic deck allows you to go as near as only 1” to 1-1/2” close to the obstacle like a fence or a wall.

The deck width is also small but considering the fact that it is only meant for small tighter spaces, the deck width would actually be of great use and would take fewer passes to get the job done. The deck height can be manually adjusted to three different positions between 1.18” and 2.52”.

The mower is powered by a powerful 12 amp motor. This enables the cutting of tough grass smoothly and is good enough for the job it is supposed to do. The Sun Joe MJ401E is also equipped with a removable hardtop grass collector bag. This bag has a capacity of 10.6 gallons.

Once attached to the rear of the mower after lifting the plastic flap, it collects the grass clippings and can be easily detached from the mower unit at a later stage for easy disposal. The handle that is used to push drive the mower is collapsible and can be folded on the deck when not in use.

It is fitted with a starter kit and a cord holder that allows you to adjust the cord and eliminate the chances of the cord in getting in your way during the mowing process. The handle has a cushioning and is ergonomically designed so that your hands are not fatigued while doing the job.


The corded lawnmower has a very easy starting process. You need to plug it into an outlet source with the aid of an extension cord. Once plugged in you have to push the safety switch and then pull the start handle gently to get it purring.

You can then guide it through the lawn easily and get your job done. The manual height adjustment of the deck allows you to cut the grass at the desired length.

Though the options available are very less but considering that it is meant for only small yards this will be more than what you require. The best part of the machine is that this instant start technique starts off the machine every time you engage the handle and the safety key.

The Sun Joe MJ401E lawnmower calls for minimal maintenance. There is no extensive oiling required. Neither do you have to change any plug or air filter?

The mower needs to be properly cleaned every time you finish the mowing session so that the blades remain free from debris and grass clipping and hence there wouldn’t be any risk of clogging.

Occasionally or to be precise very rarely do you need to sharpen the blades so that the job is done with ease. If you do not like this corded lawn mower, then check  Best Cordless Lawn Mowers 2021


As mentioned earlier, the plastic deck allows you to go as close as 1” to 1-1/2” near the obstacles. But the 14” wide cutting deck can move easily through tighter constricted places while the sharp steel blades do the job with precision. The 12amp motor provides adequate power to get the job done smoothly.

The grass clippings can be easily collected in the hardtop grass collector bag for later disposal. Alternatively, you can set the mower for the rear discharge of the clippings.

The rear door prevents the grass clippings from flying at you and deflects them down. To set the mower for rear discharge you just have to remove the grass collector bag attached to the rear and you are all set. The lawnmower does its job pretty easily and with precision but it is not at all recommended for rough usage.


The Sun Joe MJ401E has a safety button that will not allow you to start off the machine without engaging it and will prevent accidental starting. The corded lawn mower is environment-friendly. It will definitely reduce the overall carbon footprint of your household.

It does not emit any harmful gasses in the environment. When you consider the noise that this lawnmower makes, we wouldn’t say that it’s completely silent but it’s definitely far less when compared to gas-powered lawnmowers. Approved by ETL this product complies with the North American safety standards.

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Though the Sun Joe MJ401E does not boast of any additional features as such and has just the features that you require for a small lawn, we would take notice and mention the presence of a cord holder in the handle.

The cord holder actually helps you in controlling the cord which may seem to be an irritating factor for all corded lawnmowers and need a little mastering to get used to the use of it. But the presence of a cord holder can ease things out a little and is an important value addition to this simple lawnmower.

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The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty on this product.


The unit comes with a Sun Joe MJ401E lawnmower and a hard top 10.6-gallon grass catcher. The extension cord does not come along with the mower and has to be purchased separately.

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