Worx WG509 Leaf Blower Review

WORX is the line of lawn and garden equipment and power tools owned and distributed by the Positec Tool Corporation.

A manufacturing company based in Suzhou, China, Positec Tool Corporation came into being in 1994 and mainly sold OEM power tools to companies and brands like Black and Decker and had its North American Head-quarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Positec branched out to build its own line of gardening equipment and power tools and launched its own version under the name of Worx in China in 2004.

Starting off with the Worx GT trimmer, the company slowly started manufacturing lawn mowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers yard carts and many more.

The Worx Trivac is a range of corded electric leaf blowers that double as a vacuum and we would review one of its more successful models, the Worx Trivac WG-509.

The WORX Trivac 3 in 1 with an all-metal mulching system is a corded electric leaf blower that performs the job of a leaf blower, a mulcher and a vacuum all in one lightweight compact hand-held machine.

Worx WG509 Leaf Blower Review

worx wg509


The WORX Trivac WG509 is a lightweight leaf blower with a dry weight of 9.4 lbs and a compact ergonomic design so that it can be easily carried around along the yard without much stress on wrists and arms.

The handle provides for single-handed hassle-free operation for both the blower and the vacuum modes. With this blower, there is no need to replace the tubes.

A single tube with a bent or an angled nose is extremely impressive and innovative as well. It reaches the places under the deck and outdoor furniture with equal ease.

The leaf blower which triples as a mulcher and a vacuum makes the entire cleaning process easier and saves a lot of time. The WORX Trivac WG-509 12V leaf blower features a quick-release tube for easy and instant access.


The efficient 12 Amp motor which is electrically driven is capable of producing gas like power without the hazards of a gas-driven engine.

The WORX WG 509 features a variable speed full throttle control that enables you to vary the air speed gushing out of the tube between 75mph and 210mph.

This feature is extremely useful and handy for homeowners who can adjust the air speed according to the requirement, increasing the speed for the top of the mulch and lowering it for corners.

The variable speed throttle control optimizes the performance of the machine. The high speed of 210mph is good enough to handle wet leaves and debris as well.

When in vacuum mode the machine is capable of churning up an air volume of 350 cubic feet in a minute and the quick-release tube aids in easy instant cleaning.


As mentioned earlier the WORX Trivac WG-509 utilizes an all-metal mulching system. The mulching job in the WG-509 is carried out by a metal impeller along with a shredded blade that mulches to the ratio of 18:1 i.e it mulches the leaves up to 1/18th of their original size.

The mulched leaves are then collected in a handy mulching bag that comes along with the purchase.

The mulching bag has a decent capacity and can hold up to 1.2 bushels of mulched leaves. Mulching also increases the capacity of leaves that can be collected in the bag and later discarded.

Advanced Features

The best feature that this leaf blower boasts off is the single machine that couples as a leaf blower as well as a vacuum and you do not need specialized tools to convert the mode.

At just the flip of a switch, your blower gets converted to a vacuum instantly and there is no need to even change tubes for the same. The noise produced by this machine is around 70 decibels to the user’s ears and hence can be well suited for use even in sensitive environments.

The electric blower comes with a 100 ft cord and hence is not much suitable for large yards. Also, the electric blowers are powerful but not enough if compared to their gas-powered equivalents.

Also, the mulching system is extremely good but does not suit the intake of twigs. Twigs can block the motor and you have to manually clear it before you can get-go with it once again.

Some users have even stated that it’s a little awkward to use and an extra handle could solve the problem. The machine tends to be a bit heavy on prolonged use.


The WORX TRIVAC WG-509 comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. It is designed for homeowners and not suitable for commercial use.

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