Best Cordless Weed Eaters 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Cordless Weed Eaters 2020 : Seen the number of cordless weed eaters lately? Every popular garden care company has several models for you to choose from. Each has it’s own features, their own price tags and suited for certain levels of use. We took seven models from different brands popular online and compared them. This is what we found.

Best Cordless Weed Eater Reviews 2020

#1. Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

Black & Decker presents this compact and powerful cordless trimmer that operates using a 40V battery. You can use the Power Command to control the power against the run time of the 13 inch cutting swath, to get optimal performance.

After, trimming the lawns, the trimmer head can be adjusted to 180 degrees and be used as an edger. Both the edging and trimming functions are done through a 13 inch cutting swath, when the line breaks just tap to start the Automatic Feed Spool or AFS.

Trimmer is part of a series of tools and works with 36V and 40V Max tools. As part of a special offer, Black & Decker is providing a pack of 3 spools with this best cordless weed eater, so you never run out of line.

  • bundle pack features 3 pack replacement spool,
  • 52 inch shaft length, lithium battery,
  • trimmer-edger convertible,
  • Power Command variable speed console,

  • for light work,
  • medium to light power


Let’s begin with what we found as soon as we fired up the Black & Decker LST136W. The power is some what less then expected and, based on that, we’d say that this best cordless weed eater is not designed for heavier, thicker brush. It would work well on smaller patches of weeds, regular lawn grass.

So while it loses out in the performance section, it wins when it comes to ergonomics. That’s because the trimmer is well balanced, light and really can be used by everyone.Since one can carry it around easily, they can also get a more precise cut which we think is great for areas around smaller trees, flower beds and vegetable bushes.

The battery is seriously under powered and shouldn’t be maxed out, if you want a longer run time. On high power, we observed that the battery charge lasts about fifteen minutes. And, on the medium or low levels, about one hour, provided we ran the trimmer at intervals, which is just the right amount of time and power for tackling smaller weeds and grasses.

Safety wise, the tool is good. This is because its doesn’t spray debris all over the place, forcing you to wear very heavy safety gear and only because it is under powered.

There are two plus points when it comes to the string. One is that you get a pre-wound spool in the trimmer on purchase, and three extra reels as part of a bundle. The other is that the string doesn’t get knotted, crossed during use or when swapping out reels.

Overall, get the Black & Decker LST136W only if you need to do the occasional, general-purpose trimming work in the suburbs, or just the weekends. For anything else, consider brands like the Dewalt DCST990H1 Mx XR.

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2. Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer

Greenworks says that their 16 inch PRO trimmer is the best for any yards to up to one acre, and guarantees a total 60 minutes of run time per charge. This can be completed through the 16 inch cutting swath, created via the dual line bump feed head. The best part of a front mount motor is that it makes the trimmer more balanced, offering you better control and comfort.

The motor is of the brushless variety, so you get even better life and torque out of it – and the 80V lithium max battery offers you the same power that your get out of a gas weed eater. And yes, it’s even got a power indicator to tell you when you have to recharge the trimmer!

The Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer is part of a series of tools that operate using the same battery.

  • 16-Inch Cut Path,
  • 80V 2Ah Lithium-Ion battery,
  • .080 inch dual line bump feed,
  • brushless motor,
  • split shaft design,
  • front mount design

  • small debris guard,
  • ill fitting edging guard


The Greenworks PRO 80V Cordless String Trimmer looks like a standard, light weight trimmer for those who want power, variable speed settings, durability and ease of use too. We used it a couple of times before this review and the shortest answer is that this the replacement for heavy, cumbersome gas weed eater, for all trimming tasks except the toughest stuff.

It’s still half the price of several of its counterparts but, for this price tag it could use more features. While the string is much smaller, we like the dual string head and the straight shaft. There is more than enough power for regular yard work that’s more enjoyable without that intense motor noise and vibrations.

We noticed that the motor reacted slowly to throttle changes but is precise, adding to which it’s lighter and more well balanced than gas trimmers. In some cases, we had to hold the trimmer in odd positions in order to get all those corners, but that wasn’t an issue.

The battery recharges fast, and if you stick to normal yards, should last you two to three runs on a single go. We were also surprised to see that it works with a larger, 0.95 line, and that we could reload the head easily.

One problem was the trimmer guard. We felt that it was too small, and didn’t really stop trimmings from flying everywhere. We found that there was a second metal guard, meant for use with trimming. But it didn’t fit well and actually fell off during a test run. We felt that the trimmer could have used a carry strap too.

Other people who have used it have been impressed by the power, battery life, charging capability and minimal maintenance. We like that the same battery goes for all other tools in the same series. The battery is light, and adds balance to this best cordless weed eater, but if you still don’t like lugging it around, you can easily get a carry strap online.

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#3. Toro PowerPlex 51482 Brushless 40V Lithium Ion 14″ Cordless String Trimmer

Toro says that their PowerPlex trimmer can tackle overgrown grass through a 14 inch cutting width. That power is supplied through a 40V brushless motor that also helps the trimmer last longer and be more durable.

Durability is boosted using the cast aluminium head attached to a full steel shaft. You can control the speed of the dual trimming line using the variable speed control. Don’t be fooled by the small T90 battery pack, as it can deliver 40 minutes of run time and can be rebooted in the 60 minutes flat.

  • brushless DC motor,
  • 08″ dual line,
  • variable speed control trigger,
  • cast aluminum head,
  • 40V T90 Battery,
  • Adjustable assist handle

  • tricky spool replacement


You’ll be glad if you settled for this, when replacing your old electric trimmer. This one had more power than we could imagine – and that’s saying a lot for an electric trimmer.Ease of use is one of it’s biggest advantages, where changing the trimming line is simple job.

Some people who have used this trimmer have pointed out that the string it comes with isn’t the best. They resolved that issue by changing it out for some tougher line. We can’t really recommend doing that out here, and tested it out using the provided line.

That’s the .080 line. And, we were able to complete standard edging and trimming work easily and quickly. We didn’t run low on battery power, the line feeds smoothly, there wasn’t any need to change the speed controls and stopped when we were done.

This trimmer model is definitely pricey, but worth it only for the speed and convenience. It also does a superb job on taller plants, high weeds and regular sized grass, but might stop or be ineffective against thicker plants like burdock.

This best cordless weed eater has been designed well, handles well, barely uses any charge and recharges quickly. The trimmer features speed variable, but we felt that the power level determined the life of the battery per run. So you’ll have to consider the size of your yard and choose the best speed for optimal power.

Another thing that confused us was an instruction on the manual which says that you have the push the tab on the side of the spool holder in. We found two of these tabs and noticed it was tough to push down on both simultaneously. When we pushed down on one tab, the holder loosened up slightly. When we did the same thing on the other tab, holder snapped back into place! It was even tougher to pry it apart as well.

We checked this out online and it appears that people who had changed the string had this issue! So there you have it!

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#4. Greenworks 14-Inch 40V Digi Pro brushless Cordless String Trimmer

The Greenworks cordless trimmer is great for light mowing of grass, weeds on your yard. It’s part of a series of other gardening solutions that can help you trim hedges, cut tree branches, blow away dead leaves and other debris.

This best cordless weed eater of 2020, solution works on an eco-fuel system and you can choose from 20V, 24V and 40V battery power to suit your needs, giving you more power and versatility for the price.The big advantage of the Work Trimmer is the DigiPro Brushless G-Max motorthat gives you the power of a gas trimmer, without sacrificing on power just because its cordless.

The Greenworks Digi Pro brushless Cordless String Trimmer has a 14 inch cutting path and a bump head that feeds out a .080 string. And with the straight shaft, you can easily mow through tough weeds without obstructing your view of the work areas. For added versatility, you can detach the motor head to allow better compatibility with attachments for enhanced usage.

  • Attachment capable,
  • battery capable,
  • brushless motor,

  • poor ergonomics,
  • excess weight


The first thing that caught our attention is that this trimmer was heavy, almost similar to the Ryobi power head and you don’t even get a carry strap.Coming back to the power that this thing puts out, you have to fire up the engine using the power button, squeeze the trigger and you’re ready to trim!

We like the simplicity of this starting mechanism. You can even adjust the power and speed control in the same way – at the push of a button.And the trimmer does what it’s supposed to – trim weeds. Even the bump head string feed works beautifully.

So basic functions of the trimmer are great and are exactly as advertised. So, that’s one reason to buy the trimmer.

The other reason is the vibration, or lack of it rather! The trimmer motor does emit a vibration but it isn’t as bad as the gas powered vibrations.Noise levels are on the lower side the too, to a point where you can hold a conversation with someone normally.

So we’re impressed with the performance, and the power. But we though it was unfair to you guys to review this trimmer just after one use. Keeping in mind that it’s a Worx trimmer – a brand that’s respected by amateurs and professionals alike, we gave it a few more tries.

After doing so, our initial review remains unchanged but we do have this to say. Ergonomically, this Worx Trimmer needs a lot of work. That’s because after several more rounds of trimming later, you arm really starts to hurt! Not, to mention the issue of it being heavy as well! The problem lies with the trigger and handhold that isn’t on the back of the trimmer, like it should be.

But, on the plus side, the battery lasts for a significant amount of time. During which, you get all the power you need to finish trimming in time and do a pretty decent job of it.

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#5. Ryobi 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer/Edger 

  • good for light trimming,
  • 18V battery, trimming and edging functions

  • not enough power for regular cutting


The Ryobi trimmer has a big issue with it’s main job – cutting things. We mean, it works well on thinner, smaller grass but not the bigger things. For that, we’d suggest keeping another trimmer aside – but then what’s the point of using the Ryobi, right?

After using the trimmer lightly across two seasons, we noticed it falling apart. The auto feed isn’t as smooth as we’d like it to be, then the head loosened up and we couldn’t tighten it back again. The string sometimes got stuck, or rolled up inside the feeder too.

We thought we’d put this down to design flaws but first tried out one thing – moving the safety button to another spot. This holds some kind of trigger and ours was initially placed on the side along the handle and was hard to use.

This Ryobi trimmer requires loads of though before purchase and is better suited for light work.The only good thing we got out of it were the extra batteries.

Going on what one consumer had tried and had managed to get some use out of their Ryobi trimmer, we swapped batteries with that of a Ryobi drill. The trimmer appeared to work a little better than before  till the batteries went south. We faced a tough time finding good batteries to use as replacements. The trimmer is meant to hold higher amp batteries.

Then the trimmer was flawless for light work, more like a better manicure than actual cutting.

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#6. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer

Get a whole new level of precision, power and function with the WorxWG163 cordless 20V string trimmer. 20V might seem like less power but its enough to give the WG163 more power and run times.

That means you spend less time cutting and cover your entire yard with the help of the 12 inch cutting width. It converts into an edger in seconds without the help of additional tools and is supported by a dual in line wheel system that lets the trimmer glide along the sides of the pool, walkways, sidewalks. Simply pull to turn the trimmer head sideways and turn the lock to secure it in place.

Choose from any of the 7 auxiliary locking adjustments that are right there on the handle for maximum comfort.

The Command Feed single line feeder gives you all the string you need to keep you going through your gardening tasks. And, comfortably too with the adjustable, telescopic shaft with just the press of a quick release trigger. Do this by opening the orange latch on the shaft sliding the handle to the desired length and then close it.

The battery of best cordless weed eater has been enhanced too and free from issues like self discharge, loss of power, heaviness, slow charge time. An adjustable guard acts as a guide for the edger and protects surrounding vegetation.

  • dual-position wheels for grass trimming and edging,
  • Two (2) 20V cordless Max lithium power batteries,
  • 12-inch cutting width,
  • Dual-function flower spacer guard,
  • Ultra-lightweight, ergonomic design – only 5.3 pounds,
  • share batteries with all WORX Power Share tools

  • not have the power of a gas trimmer


The Worx trimmer might not have the power of a gas trimmer, but it cuts through the grass splendidly and we’re happy with that. It’s lighter, has less noise and vibrations too. Anyone lookingto switch over from their gas trimmer and still want the same power might want to take a look at the Worx WG163 trimmer.

The lack of power might be new, but could work to your benefit, in our opinion. It’s easier to control and gives a finer, more detailed cut. The edger is precise too, especially for natural looking edges on landscaping.

But we know what you’re actually thinking – how long does the battery last? Truth be told, we were thinking it too and found thata quarter acre can be covered fully – landscaping, trees, fences, curbs, and all –and the battery still had power left.

It’s definitely not for commercial landscaping us though, but would be recommend it for a yard twice as big? Sure! And, if you’re uncertain about the power you need, this trimmer comes with an extra battery.The auto feeder was smooth too, and we only had to open up the line cap twice – once because we didn’t put the auto feed function in time and the other was to swap the reel. And we were able to find and get extra line online too.

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#7. EGO Power+ 15″ 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer

Just like the Worx WG163, the EGO Power+ brushless trimmer has all the benefits of a gas trimmer without the fuss, fuel, fumes and noise of one! All of it’s power comes from the 56 V Li-On battery that electrically recharged.

This ensure that all cutting and trimming is done efficiently and quickly with the help a 15 inch cutting width. To get more of the 0.096 string under the trimmer, using the bump head line advancing system. And in a matter of minutes, you can make quick work of clearing up the yard!

With this trimmer you get a 2.5Ah ARC Lithium-Ion battery made with the best technology and powers all of their Ego Power+ tools.

  •  15 inch cutting width,
  • quick reload head, dual feed 0.095 line,
  • variable speed,
  • aluminium shaft,
  • brushless motor

  • Expensive


We used this best cordless weed eater with the Worx trimmer that’s affordable and pretty good, on the same yard filled with weeds and grass. Since the Worx couldn’t handle the bigger, messier weeds we decided on giving the Ego Power+ a try here.

We liked it for the double string, extra durability, fast charging, increased power output and how long it ran on a single charge. After assembling together the guard and handle right out of the box, here’s what we discovered.

One, that the variable speeds are a nice feature. This is probably why the trimming gives you such a long run, and do we really need so much power just to trim grass?

Two, that the makers though of adding padding on the handle on the shaft that absorbed the vibration on the motor. Not that there was much vibration to begin with.

The handle can be adjusted to your height and use a lever to unlock the battery. We love the power and design on it and although it was a bit large, we could control movement easily using our forearm only. And it cuts quickly but the string broke off a lot but advancing more line wasn’t an issue.

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Best Cordless Weed Eater 2020 : Buying guide


Cordless trimmers are best for light to medium trimming work that you’d like to do quickly and effortlessly.The kind of power that you get out of the battery is the first thing to look for. This determine how long each run will be before the next recharge.

Then see how long you’re willing to wait between charges. Ideally batteries should take around thirty to sixty minutes to charge. If you don’t like to wait, buy an extra battery and keep it recharged and ready to go, while you use the other one.


Overall weight, line feeding, spool replacement, shaft adjustability and height are features that have to be closely assessed by you – as each model has it’s own specifications.

Why Cordless weed eaters?

If  you want to stop handling messy, foul smelling trimmer fuel every weekend, then a best cordless weed eater might be your answer. Most of them run on batteries, that only have to be recharged occasionally, for up to an hour. And, there’s no power cords trailing behind you that could get tangled, cause you to trip and have to be moved around a lot.

That gives you more mobility and lets you cover more ground – a must of bigger lawns. other benefits for big lawns include lighter batteries, curved shafts, lowered noise and vibration.

Certain trimmer models can be used for edging and trimming, reducing the need for any extra tool and the amount of time normally spent on those tasks.

Final words

best Cordless weed eater 2020 are lighter, powerful, affordable and practically maintenance free – a good reason why you should add one to the rest of your gardening tools. In our opinion, Worx, Ego Power+ and Black & Decker are brands that you can begin with.

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