Best Garden Tillers 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

Tillers are a great way to maintain your garden or mini-farms. The soil needs to be tilled so that it gives a fresh and healthy garden. There a number of reasons on which buying tillers depend upon. If you don’t get the right garden tiller, your experience in tilling may be disastrous.

o avoid such panicking situations, this article will help you out in every way to buy the best product. Also, we will discuss the latest reviews of some tillers available now in the market.

This will include a buying guide, pros, cons, verdict and much more. You will be clear about the different types of garden tillers, their uses and which is suitable for your place.

Tilling is important to start a new garden in your place. You can also re-till your garden to grow a new set of plants. If you are worried about what kind of tiller to break land for a new garden and what can re-till your garden, then read more to find out.

Best Garden Tillers for 2021

Here is the list of our Top 3 selection.

Sun Joe TJ603ESun Joe TJ603E

Motor: 2.5 Amp
Cutting Width: 6.3"
Cutting Depth: 6"
Weight: 10 lbs

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Earthwise TC70016Earthwise TC70016

Motor: 13.5 Amp
Cutting Width: 16"
Cutting Depth: 8"
Weight: 34.8 lbs

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Motor: 20-Volts (Battery)
Cutting Width: 7"
Cutting Depth: 4"
Weight: 8.1 lbs

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Detailed Garden Tiller Reviews

Basically, there are two types of tillers, electric and gas tillers. So there are a number of things like these that determine the purpose of buying a tiller.

It depends on factors like the garden size, type of soil, etc. You also need to look for the safety features as using tillers for the first time.

All such factors along with your budget should be analyzed. This list of the top ten best garden tillers will help you select the best one according to your preference.

1. Sun Joe TJ603E 16-inch 12-Amp Electric Tiller and Cultivator

This Sun Joe electric garden tiller is a fresh green looking tiller. It looks compact and is easy to use. This is equally powerful with a 12 Amp that can cultivate up to 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep.

This is the perfect garden tiller for a small home garden. This has got 6 durable steel angled tines for full performance and durability. You can easily transport this tiller all around your garden. It has a voltage of 120V.

The handles also can be folded quickly after using them. This makes the design very versatile and convenient. The cord length is 100 feet, ideal for small to medium gardens.

The wheels also have a 3 position wheel adjustment option. This is a push electric tiller, so safety is guaranteed too.


The best and affordable choice for people having small and medium gardens. The power is high so that it can be effectively used for re-tilling and breaking grounds.


The ergonomic design and easy to move options are good advantages. It does your work easily and without any strains.


The highly powerful engine may not suit sloppy gardens or hilly areas.

2. Earthwise TC70016 16-Inch 13.5 Amp Corded Electric Tiller/Cultivator

This Earthwise electric tiller is one of the most liked tillers by many people. It looks smart and is also strong enough for small and medium gardens.

This has a 13.5  Amp motor engine which is very powerful. This is helpful in uprooting weeds, small and large gravel and other unwanted materials.

It nurtures your land well by mixing the soil nicely. This is a superb run time also. It has got 6 durable steel tines and can till land that is 11 inches to 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep.

This covers a large area in a small time. So your work also gets completed very soon. The quick start of technology saves a lot of your time.

This runs on electricity and thus is an eco-friendly option for gas tillers. The grips are made of soft ergonomic design to match your essentials.


This is a good product in terms of all features. You can save a lot of time and electricity as it is powerful. Perfect for small or medium gardens with a lot of weed growth and gravel.


It is available in 4 different engine power. A suitable model can be selected according to the size and comfort. They are perfect for soil preparation, weeding and composting.


There are no foldable handles that cannot be stored easily.

3. BLACK+DECKER LGC120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Garden Tiller

This garden tiller comes with a powerful transmission that has got dual times to break up the soil. This allows all the water and nutrients to get mixed well with the plant roots. The BLACK+DECKER LGC120 Tiller also has a lightweight design that can be bought with batteries or without them.

This is a perfect garden tiller for a small garden. The battery model comes with a 20 Volt lithium-ion battery. This is much better than NiCad batteries that are usually used. For every charge, you can still land up to 325 square feet.


Although this is suitable only for small gardens, it has good power to prevent the weed from tangling. So it is a versatile design at a low cost. Highly recommended for low budget and small gardens.


This lightweight design is impressive with the cordless feature. It is useful for tilling after adding water and nutrients. This evenly spreads all essential nutrients to every root.


Not suitable for medium and large gardens. It cannot remove weeds and stones effectively.

4. Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller

Mantis has designed this tiller with such quality and mechanical robustness that it is has become the preferred brand. The Mantis 7250-00-03 comes with a 540 Volt 3-speed motor. This is a very lightweight model that can be carried all-around your garden. This weighs only 21 pounds.

This may be an electric tiller but is as powerful as a gas tiller. This is very compact and has 9-inch width wheels. This goes into the soil very deeply and mixes into the tight spaces of your garden.

This tills the garden better than large tillers. This is the best option for small gardens with weeds and gravels. This is also a good option if you want a garden tiller that will be used on a yearly basis. This Mantis electric tiller is designed with unique and curvy lines.

This can go to a depth of 10 inches. You can also make a shallow till by just tilting the tines. This goes down to a depth of 2 to 3 inches. This is an all-in-one tiller for maintaining your garden.

It comes with foldable hands and you can store it in a small room. It looks much smaller than many other tillers but works magnificently well.


Do you like quiet and highly functional electric tiller? This one from Mantis is exceptional. It is a combination of many features that opt for small and medium-sized gardens.


You can quickly fold the entire tiller and store it in a safe, small area. This makes the model very popular among many users too.

5. BEAMNOVA Tiller Cultivator Gas Powered

This Beamnova tiller uses gas as a fuel and has an engine type that is air-cooled. It is also a single-cylinder with two strokes. It has a decent delivery capacity of 43 cc gas and comes with an impressive idle speed of 2800 to 3200r per one minute.

As the gas tiller has got several assembly parts, it is delivered without assembling. But you can quickly assemble as this comes with a complete manual book. You will not need any additional tools to assemble. This is simple and easy to start also.

You can use a mix of 25:1 petrol and engine oil to start this. As this engine uses the recoil method to start, it is highly efficient and easy. The ignition method used in this tiller is CDI. This can also be used as a mini cultivator for your garden.


This is a versatile and sustainable gas-powered tiller. This is a good choice for large and gravelly gardens. This suits well if you want to break new land too.


It can be used for various purposes like mulching, plant bed preparation, etc.


This tiller is costlier than electric tillers.

6. Troy-Bilt TB146 EC 29cc 4-Cycle Cultivator with JumpStart Technology

Troy-Bilt is one of the most successful brands for garden tillers. Their tillers like the Troy-Bilt TB146 EC are designed ergonomically to meet all the challenges in your garden. This is a versatile and high-quality rototiller. This is available with a reliable engine of the 29cc 4-Cycle Engine.

This does not require the mixing of oil and gas together to run the engine. They come with 6 large premium steel tines that are ideal for cultivating up to 5 inches deep. The tilling process is quickened as you can adjust the tilling width for very precise results.

This even lets you work in between plants and other small areas. There are 8 blades on the 6 steel tines and each one of them are 8 inches in length.

These are designed just like transporting wheels for greater movement. For starting the engine, Troy-Bilt has developed a JumpStart technology that does not need any pulling chord.

There is an additional SpringAssist that eases the pulling of the chord easier. So there are both methods of starting this engine.

This cultivator or tiller is very lightweight, unlike the many gas tillers. It can be stored in any small area too. It is designed to give a variable speed throttle and has a durable steel shield.

It has foldable hands that can help you save space. You also save a lot of fuel as it gives you great control over the speed.


Troy-Bilt has designed this tiller especially to create a beautiful vegetable and flower garden. This is perfect for mulching, creating garden beds and flower beds.


It has innovative technology integration like JumpStart and SpringAssist. This increases the functionality of the entire garden tiller.


It is very expensive as it has several features but when used in the right way, it gives you a number of benefits.

7. Earthquake 12802 MC440 Mini Cultivator with 40cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine

This gas tiller from Earthquake is built with a strong engine. This is a top-class 40cc, 4 cycle viper engine. It gives powerful cleaning and tilling for your entire garden.

This engine does not require to mix the oil and gas, which reduces the capacity of the engine. It is equipped with a superior air filter to keep the engine safe from dirt and damages.

There is a start-stop technology given right near the handlebars so that it gives you great control over the engine. You need not bend down every time.

This also reduces accidents as you can instantly switch off. It is designed to match the tough tilling works in your garden. With such great power, you can finish all your work quickly and effectively.

The maximum tilling depth given in this model is 8 inches and is ideal for large gardens. Tilling width can be adjusted to a minimum of 6 inches to a maximum of 10 inches. This edition is much better than all the previous Earthquake tiller models.


With great power comes perfection, this is suitable for new land breaking, tilling large gardens and for gravelly lands. This has got the safety measures for facing such tough gardens.


The start-stop technology given on the handlebars is a big advantage. You get good coverage of the entire land in a few hours with this.


It is heavy and is also costly. This reduces the usability of this tiller by people having a simple home garden.

8. Greenworks 10-Inch 40V Cordless Cultivator, Battery Not Included 27062A

This Greenworks model comes with a 40 Volt power. It has got 8 inch sharp tines used for all types of tilling in the garden. This can effectively remove weeds, mix the soil and keep it ready for the next plantation. This is a cordless tiller as it works on a battery. The battery is sold separately.

A G-MAX with a 40 V lithium-ion battery is used in this model. This is a complete power system for your entire yard. Your soil can be easily loosened and dirt is removed very quickly.

The tilling width is provided from 8.5 inches to 10 inches that make your work simple. This can also be used for cultivating as it allows a maximum of 5-inch deep tilling depth. This is just perfect for a small-sized garden.


People can buy this as a secondary tiller for gardens. This can easily finish its work when space is small.


It comes in different models. They are battery included, battery excluded and battery with tines models. This makes people easy to choose according to their garden space.


The battery does not withstand for long of you use on a big or medium garden. Best suited for small gardens only. The battery needs to be bought separately as they are not included. The other models from Greenworks are better than this one.

9. Schiller Grounds Care Mantis 4-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7940

The commercial engine used here is perfect for tilling and cultivation. It has a lightweight but performs better than many other tillers. This is possible as it has a unique gear system. It can easily break through both hard and clay soil very easily.

It makes the land firm and equal. The tints break down all the clumps and make the soil suitable for cultivation. It can simply till down to 10 inches deep effortlessly.

This uses a powerful Honda 25cc 4-cycle engine. Shallow tilling is also possible in this model. It is foldable and there is a kickstand for support too.


This is a wonderful heavyweight performer but has a lightweight body and engine. This makes it suitable for all medium-sized gardens. It works well on small and large gardens too but may have some restrictions.


One of the few garden tillers that is absolutely perfect for any sized gardens. This has got a number of tilling attachments that can be done to make it this versatile.


Not suitable if you want to till the land in between the plants or in very small areas. This has a feature for any sized garden but is not dependable on specific factors.

10. AAVIX AGT307 10 Amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator, 13″, Black/Blue

This is an electric tiller from Aavix and it looks fully compact. It is small in size and looks reliable. It works on a 10 Amp motor and has a 13-inch chord to support it.

The total power and frequency used in this motor is 120 V and 60 Hz. This electric tiller can till up to 8.7 inches deep. The width is non-adjustable and can till up to 12.6 inches.


It is not recommended to get this electric tiller if you are a beginner.


There are dual steel tines and all are of 8 inches. This is perfect for a small garden.


Suitable only for re-tilling. The wheels are a little loose on the sides too. So it has to be handled carefully.

Best Garden Tillers 2021: Buying Guide

We have listed a number of considerations before buying the ideal garden tiller. This buying guide will help you understand your needs and select features accordingly. Also, it will help you know more about the types of garden tillers and their uses.

Type of tiller

There are two broad categories of Garden tillers available in the market as we discussed. These are electric and gas tillers. Electric tillers are preferred by people who have a small garden.

In this model, there is no worry about the gas running out. This is called the perfect one for small gardens as its power is lower than gas tillers. These usually come with a long chord so moving them around will not be a problem.

Gas tillers are very powerful and they are suitable for large gardens. As they are very powerful, they become very difficult to push.

You really need to be ready to use such gas tillers as they are too heavy. When you have large gardens it becomes tough for you to take them all around the surface.

Garden size

Like we discussed, gas tillers are good when you have a large garden. They help you complete the work fast and neat. This is very powerful so all unwanted weeds are uprooted and give you a fresh garden.

Electric tillers are very suitable for small gardens. You can easily find a plug to connect this and complete tilling. This is easy to move around and also gives you a neat garden.

Soil type

Electric tillers are most suitable for re-tilling and for cutting out weeds. Their power is more than enough to keep your garden fresh. So electric tillers are amazing with loamy soil with organic matter. When they are fine and weed-free, electric tillers work the best.

It is recommended to till your garden periodically to avoid large weeds. Gas tillers are a must if you are going to break new ground.

This means that you are going to grow a garden after tilling a hard/dry land. This is a tough thing to do and needs a lot of effort too. The power that gas tillers give you is ideal for such works.

If you have a garden that has thick weeds, then you will need a gas tiller. Even when the surface is rocky, heavy, clay-based and gravelly then you have to get a gas tiller only. It may be difficult to use but it finishes your work perfectly.

Versatility and quality

There are plenty of products that are helpful in tilling. These are attachments that are bought along with the garden tiller. If you wish to buy a multiple tool tiller then look for the quality. Sometimes buying extra tools are not necessary.

Always look for quality products that come within your budget. It is good to get multi-tools for large areas but make sure they come with the right fit and quality. Make sure to look for a gas tiller without mixing of fuels, this increases efficiency in a big way.


Electric tillers tend to have very little maintenance. This is mainly because it uses electricity and no grease or leaks will happen.

They also start quickly even without pulling any chord. Electric tillers are cheaper when compared to gas tillers.

Gas tillers are high maintenance as they use fuel for running. This may get repaired, cause leaks or spills. If you don’t buy high-quality fuel there are chances of damaging the engine too.

Why do we need garden tillers?

A garden tiller is essential to keep your garden very neat and fresh always. Every soil needs tilling to improve its nutrients. When plants grow in a garden, the nutrients, organic minerals and manure are absorbed.

They are used by the plant throughout the growing period. Gradually the absorbing power of the soil comes down. It reduces the strength of the soil.

So you need to till the land, this mixes the soil nicely. This helps the soil to regain its absorption. This will also reduce the number of weeds growing in your garden. When your plants get the right nutrients they grow well. Tilling is an important process in every garden.

This process is effectively done by mechanical power than manual tillers. So using a suitable garden tiller can bring a lot of benefits for your garden soil.

Who should use garden tillers?

Everyone who loves their garden should have a garden tiller. With them, you can maintain your garden on your own now. There is no necessity to hire someone to remove all weeds and make the land firm. Also when you till the land before gardening you get to grow healthy plants.

It is recommended to use the tiller even after you have added the manure. This helps the manure to mix nicely with the soil.

So garden tillers give you many benefits that are necessary for every home garden. The mechanism and working are also simple to use. This makes the garden tillers very versatile and important.

The Final Verdict

Now you must have a clear idea about what kind of garden tillers are available. Lastly, some tips here will help you more. Always decide on your budget first and start thinking about the features you want.

Consider the size and type of soil in your garden. On a precautionary note, it is good to use a powerful tiller carefully. If you feel they are out of control, then instantly turn it off.

If you are one a sloppy terrain, make sure you move it on a low gear. Finally, make sure to select the right garden tiller for your home.

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