Best Gas Lawn Mowers 2021: Reviews, Ratings and Buying Guide

Lustrous, greenish and soft grass can just brighten up anybody. It enhances the visual appeal of a home, resort or piece of property.

To get this effortlessly done by yourself, a lawnmower can be of great use. There are three types of lawnmowers available in the market.

Gas lawnmowers, electric and reel lawnmowers. Here in this article, we will deal with gas lawnmowers as they are more powerful and easy to use.

This is very suitable for large surface areas and also for trimming thick grass. This is the best choice if you are selecting a lawnmower for the first time. lawnmowers can get your job done very quickly and efficiently.

Best Gas Lawnmowers for 2021

Our Top Choice.

PowerSmart DB8621SPowerSmart DB8621S

Engine: 159cc
Cutting Width: 21-Inch
Weight: 74 lbs
Fuel Tank Capcity: 0.245 Gallon

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Husqvarna 7021PHusqvarna 7021P

Engine: 160cc
Cutting Width: 21-Inch
Weight: 66 lbs
Fuel Tank Capcity: 0.26 Gallon

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Yard Machines PushYard Machines Push

Engine: 140cc
Cutting Width: 21-Inch
Weight: 62 lbs
Fuel Tank Capcity: NA

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Poulan Pro 961320098Poulan Pro 961320098

Engine: 140cc
Cutting Width: 21-Inch
Weight: 69 pounds
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.3 Gallon

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Gas Lawnmowers Detailed Reviews

Selecting the best gas lawnmower can be tough as you need to look into plenty of features. You need to see if the lawnmower is self-propelled or push mower.

Also the size of the cutting blade, type of the engine, type of wheels, grass management options, height adjustments and more. So it is surely a confusing task to choose the best one for your lawn.

These lawnmowers are available from 130 USD to 400 USD or even more. So it is evident that you need to prioritize your requirements before you buy one and this article will help you do so.

Here is a list of some of the best gas lawn mowers that are available in the market right now.

1. PowerSmart DB8621S Gas Self Propelled Mower

The PowerSmart self-propelled gas lawn mower comes with an easy pull starting mechanism. After that, you can go around and trim the grass as per your wish. This is a 3-in-1 gas lawnmower that has a collecting bag, side discharge along with mulching capability.

This means your yard will grow fresh and healthy all the time. You can easily spread all the grass clippings on the side and hence returning all the required nutrients to the grass. This is the major advantage of the mulching process.

Also, there is a big mounted container for removing the clipping after mowing is complete. You get several options to adjust the height of the position for mowing. There are 5 easy adjustments available to cut the grass efficiently.

With this, you can remove all the unwanted weeds and overgrowth without manual work. The wheels attached to the rear side of the self-propelled machine are 8 inches in diameter for easy movement.

There is a 21-inch mowing deck that holds a wide cutting swath for quick removal of excess grass in just a few passes.


The PowerSmart gas lawnmower is the right choice for people who are looking for frequent mowing that is efficient and neat.


The leaves undergo mulching as you clean the lawn easily and the collecting bag can helps you in quick disposal.


The plastic material on the outside is not made of good quality plastic. It is too fragile that it can crack with regular usage. It is relatively heavier than most mowers.

2. Husqvarna 7021P, 21 in. 160cc Honda Walk-Behind Mower

This Husqvarna model is a pull gas lawnmower and you can walk behind the mower to finish cutting. This also uses a pull start mechanism and quickly do the work.

The Honda 160cc engine can give you amazing performance in cleaning your yard. This model is designed to satisfy small yards with ease. It is available in 5 types of packing and all are created with absolute precision.

On the front side, there are two wheels of 8 inches and on the rear side, there are 12-inch wheels. These enable easy maneuvering and boost control over the mower.

This has a 21-inch cutting swath and is suitable for all sized yards or lawns. The handle has a soft grip which can promote easy movement without restriction. This also has a 3-in-1 option of side discharge, mulching and clipping collection capabilities.


A wonderful choice for small yards and people looking for an extremely affordable walk-behind mower. The Honda engine is an added feature that attracts buyers.


The cost of this has lawnmower is a wonderful plus point. Husqvarna is providing Honda motor at such a price is a major reason to choose this.


The outer body including the handle and wheels are all relatively made of thin material which questions the durability of the product.

3. Remington RM110 Trail Blazer 132cc 21-Inch 2-in-1 Gas Push lawnmower

The Remington gas push lawn mower has a very powerful engine for withstanding even the thickest grass. It uses a 132cc OHV primer engine for effective mowing anytime. It uses a complete rust-resistant 21-inch steel deck.

This helps you finish your work swiftly than you expect. You can level the grass with the help of a dual-lever height adjuster.

This has got 6 height adjustments for maintaining the right height. Along with this, you get an adjustable grip hold for ease. This is perfectly suitable for uneven terrains as they have wheels with sturdy treads.

There is a sure-cut blade that constantly lifts and circulates as you cut. Also, the front wheel is 7 inches and the rear wheels are 8 inches in diameter to provide maximum durability for any surface. This prevents the creation of lumps during mulching.


The best choice for mowing over rough and thick grass. Very suitable for people living in uneven terrain also.


The steel deck is totally rust-resistant making it easily maintainable. Also, the mulching process is done very efficiently to keep your lawn healthy as ever.


The major drawback lies in the understanding of the mechanism used like speed control. It is not very suitable for beginners.

4. Yard Machines 140cc 21-Inch Push Mower

This Yard Machine push mower is powered by a 140cc OHV engine that is durable. It is capable of providing both mulching and side discharging features.

There is a side discharge chute for this purpose. There is a 21-inch high-quality steel deck that comes along with a dual lever height adjustment option.

There is a sturdy loop handle attached for easy maneuvers along the yard. There are 7-inch wheels in the front and 11 inches on the rear side for easy turning.

This Yard Machine has got both mulching and side discharge capacity. You can opt for either of them according to your convenience.

This is a lightweight design that is very suitable for all kinds of yards. It is highly recommended for both residential and commercial uses.


A good choice for people who like to use a lightweight gas lawnmower. It is best for medium-sized yards or lawns. The lightweight design makes it a reliable option for people looking for push mowers making it suitable for small yards too.


This has easy operation and several features like durable wheels, sturdy loop handle are provided good assistance while mowing. The dual lever mechanism is highly appreciable in this model.


Although the wheels are designed for easy turning, they are not very good for rough or sloppy terrains.

5. Craftsman 37430

This Craftsman push gas lawnmower uses a Briggs and Stratton Silver Series 140cc 5-torque engine. This is powerful as well as very easy to start. It has got a 21-inch cutting swath width which is just perfect for small or medium-sized lawns.

It has got 7 inch low front wheels and 11 inch rear wheels that support your movement. This also uses the 3-in-1 mulching, collecting and discharging mechanism. So you can either mulch or collect the clippings in the rear bag or on the side discharge.

This is highly efficient too as it has got a reliable spark plug. Also, these wheels have a light recoil that enables easy pushing effortlessly. There are several height adjustments available in this model which again makes it more reliable.

It uses dual point deck height adjusters that have six adjustment options. These work very quickly giving you even mowing throughout your yard or lawn.


This product from Craftsman is suitable for small yards as it is the push lawnmower. This is not really lightweight but uses recoil in the wheels for easy movement. So it is a reliable option.


The recoil in the wheels and spark plug is a good advantage and is suitable for beginners too.


The Craftsman push gas lawnmower uses a 140cc engine which is not good for large yards although the cutting swath is 21 inches. This slows down the speed making you spend more gas and time.

6. Poulan Pro 961320098 PR550N21RH3 Briggs 550ex

This Poulan Pro is more like a professional wheel push mower that has a 3-in-1 cutting deck design. You can mulch or discharge or bag the clippings without buying any additional tools. This gas lawnmower has its engine from the ReadyStart Starting System.

This allows you to start the mower in just a few seconds. All you need to do is to pull the mower to start, no choke or prime is required. To enhance the life of the engine, this uses a sensor that can automatically sense the temperature of the engine.

So it regulates the temperature whenever necessary making it easy to start every time. This can be used absolutely on any terrain as it has got the easy-rolling high gear wheels. This also gives a good look for the entire gas lawnmower.

Your yard will surely look neat and clean after every mowing routine because of the 3-in-one feature. This enables the grass to grow thick and healthy as it retains all the nutrients.


This is a fuel-efficient model, therefore it is cost-effective too. This is a wonderful product that comes in low maintenance costs. This Poulan Pro mower is suitable for cities, but not for thick grass.


There is temperature control which is very useful if you want to save fuel. The sensor attached regulates the temperature according to the temperature of the engine.


This is not very durable as the engine might fail after a few years of usage. Also, it is not recommended for frequent use as the outer body can crack easily.

7. Lawn-Boy 10732 Kohler XT6 OHV Self Propelled Gas lawnmower

This self-propelling lawnmower from Lawn-Boy is very easy to handle and start. The Kohler XT6 OHV Engine starts very quickly and clears your yard effectively. This uses a Lawn-boy specially designed Tri-cut cutting system.

This has a 21-inch cutting deck made of lightweight material. It gives good mulching and a perfect cut every time.

The height of this mower can be adjusted using the two-point height of cut used which gives easily customizable heights effortlessly. This has a 3-in-1 mechanism of mulching, bagging and discharging too.


This is made of lightweight yet low-quality materials. Suitable for occasional usage and the quick start is a noticeable advantage.


The quick-start mechanism in this mower works really well. It can simply finish the work in a few hours.


The rear axle along the wheels are made of steel, but the front is made of rubber. So there are chances of wearing off even in the first use. Also, the entire mower is made of low-quality materials.

8. Troy-Bilt TB105 159cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Push lawnmower

Troy-Bilt push mower has got an EZ Start choke system (auto-choke) which starts the 159cc OHV engine in seconds. This lightweight design is suitable for the push mower style.

It has got a steel 21-inch deck which gives good control. Its combination with 7×8 inch wheels adds up to the extra support for mulching, bagging and discharging.

It also has a dual lever height adjustment for additional comfort. The power given by the push lawn mower is best for any small or medium-sized lawns.


Perfect for small or medium-sized yards at an affordable price. A good choice for beginners too.


This 21-inch cutting deck is safe for anybody to use.


The pulling cord is not very strong and durable. It lacks the long-lasting capability and can get repaired anytime.

9. Yard-Man 12AVD39Q701

This self-propelled mower uses a small yet amazing Honda GVC160 ARCS engine. This has got 8-inch front wheels and 11 inch rear wheels.

Both have excellent zag tread for increased support. It also has a dual lever adjustment option for customizing the height.


The wheels of this lawnmower make it suitable for hilly areas or uneven terrains also. They have good traction power. Best choice for people looking for a Honda engine.


The setting up of this self-propelled lawnmower is totally easy and simple. There is no requirement of any additional tools. The zag tread on the wheels make it suitable for uneven and sloppy terrains


The speed control with this engine can cause problems frequently.

10. PowerSmart DB2321C 21″ 2-in-1 161cc Gas Push lawnmower

This design is powered by a 161cc engine that is created to give only the required amount of power. Although it doesn’t have a bag for collecting the 2-in-1 mulching and side discharge method makes it complete.

There are 8 inch rear wheels for good support. You can adjust the cutting as you like because there are 5 options for adjustment.


It can be a good choice for people looking for a lightweight push lawnmower. It has all features put together in one and so is cost-effective.


This PowerSmart lawnmower is lightweight and offers power only when required. So it is fuel-efficient.


The wheels are not suitable for uneven terrain as the treads are not supportive. Also, it doesn’t have a bag for collecting the clipping and should be bought separately.

Best Gas lawnmower 2021 Buying Guide

This list of things to consider will definitely help you choose the best gas lawnmower according to your requirements.

Swath size

The swath size in gas lawnmowers ranges from 20 inches to 24 inches in width. The wider the swath size the larger will be the deck size. A large cutting swath will mean only a few passes to remove the grown grass from your yard.

So make sure you choose one with a large cutting swath. A size that exceeds 24 inches may be inappropriate for a household as it will have a bigger engine. This will make the entire machine heave, thus disabling ease of movement.

Engine size and type

As we saw earlier, the engine size entirely depends upon the size of cutting swath. There are two types of the engine generally used in lawnmowers.

They are two-stroke engines and four-stroke engines. Just like it sounds, the four-stroke engine is very much powerful than two stoke engine.

However, such massive power not required and many people own two-stroke engines only. You can select a mower with larger power if you have a very big yard with thick grass.

Large engines also add up to the weight so make sure you get a self-propelled model. Small engines are light, easy to control but they don’t cut thick grass effectively.

Grass clipping management options

Collecting the grass clipping as you trim your lawn is very important and is essential. Many mowers are available with multiple options for grass clipping but these need to be bought extra.

They come with a single option of collecting the clippings in the side and later disposing of them. This is an affordable option.

Otherwise, you can use a bag to collect them. Another option is to mulch the grass periodically as you are mowing. This is a good way to keep your lawn healthy. The choice is yours and you can select the option that is very suitable.


The mechanical parts can be replaced when they are damaged but not all spare parts are available in the market. You need to take good care of these gas lawnmowers after your work is done.

That is you must remove the gas and then keep the mower covered from sunlight or rain. These measures are a must to make this equipment serve for a long time.

So look for good quality gas lawnmowers that can cost you less for maintenance. Also, make sure if most of the spare parts are available in the market before buying.

Safety features

Along with the safety features, you need to check the height adjustments also. Your yard might grow grass at any height until you trim them, so easy height adjustment is a must.

It is recommended that you don’t cut the grass too short (below three inches), so a good gas lawnmower should give height adjustments from at least two inches to six inches.

Safety features like child-proof mechanism, prevention from rocks or sharp objects as you move. Automatic stopping of blades is also a safety feature that you can look before buying.

Why do we need Gas lawnmowers?

Gas lawnmowers have plenty of advantages over the conventional ones. The first and foremost is that these won’t stop working in mid-way due to low battery.

Also, these can cover a larger area than normal electric mowers. All types of grass from thin to thick can be easily trimmed without leaving any awkward patches.

Best choice for large lawns With just one tank of gas you can clear up more than half an acre of land. This is why gas lawnmowers are highly recommended for large land spaces. They can support large deck widths making these highly efficient for large lawns.

Suitable even for uneven grounds Gas lawnmowers that are self-propelled will not extra effort and force to move around. You can easily go on sloppy or hilly areas with these mowers. You can cover a lot of such spaces with gas lawnmowers.

Saves time and money You can save a lot of your money and time with these gas lawnmowers. These are available in cheap rates with lots of advantages. It is more powerful than electric or reel mowers as they have a wide cutting swath. So you just need to move a few times around the lawn to get a perfectly finished grass area.

Who should use gas lawnmowers?

Gas lawnmowers are for everyone who owns a lawn. These are easy to move and if you are getting a self-propelled model then it is even more advantageous. The mechanism used by these lawnmowers is also very simple to understand.

Anybody can get the work done with this within a few hours. Nowadays they are available in plenty of size variants along with the latest technology. This is the perfect option for you if you are a beginner in maintaining your garden or lawn.

There are two types of gas lawnmowers, that is push mowers and self-propelled mowers. The self-propelled mowers should be chosen by people who own a large yard area.

Also if you think that you won’t be able to push the heavy machine, then you must only opt for the self-propelled one. This is best suited for places that have hills or basins.

You can choose to push gas lawnmowers if you have a yard that is less than half an acre. Here you can easily push the mower and complete the work.

In case you have opted to use tough grass like Bermuda Grass or any other variety, then this is the best choice for you. Only gas lawnmowers can cut through thick grass varieties. Now you need not wait for a gardener to get it done, but you can finish it by yourself.

The Final Verdict

There are a number of brands like Husqvarna, Honda, Craftsman, and Remington like we have seen. There are plenty of options every brand gives and all are different from each other. So choosing the right one can be difficult.

You can make it way simple by planning certain things. First, decide your budget and requirements suitable for your yard space.

Make sure you also get some lawnmower covers and create a space for storing it. When you are clear with the features you want, you can easily buy one.

To keep your best gas lawnmower working for a long time, keep using it regularly and maintain it with good care. Now you can enjoy the lush-green grass anytime with a gas lawnmower 2021 in your home.

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