Troy Bilt TB330 Review

Troy-Bilt has been manufacturing outdoor power tools since 1937 and with over 80 years of experience to their credit, they have been successfully making innovative and highly popular tools that you just can’t do without. Troy-Bilt manufactures a vast range of lawnmowers that vary in their capacity, the source of power and the mechanism.

Troy-Bilt has a solution for almost everyone when it comes to mowing. The one we would be dealing with within this article, the Troy-Bilt TB330, is a self-propelled gas-powered rear-wheel-drive lawn mower which is said to be a perfect value for the money.

A highly efficient lawn mower that is capable of handling crops of varied toughness in different conditions and with all the features that you would require to do the job with ease and expertise along with a price tag that would not require you to think twice, we can well understand the reason behind its popularity.

Troy Bilt TB330 Review

troy bilt tb330


Specifically designed keeping in mind lawns about 1/4th acre in size while some say that it can even handle ½ an acre with ease, the Troy-Bilt TB330 has an attractive and sturdy appearance.

Though some of the parts are made of plastic and the otherwise popular model has been hugely criticized due to these plastic parts, the Troy-Bilt TB330 is extremely hardy and durable.

The self-propelled lawn mower measures 17.5”x 24”x38” which can be considered to be compact if you think about the amount of work that this machine can do. The machine weighs around 80lbs.

So it cannot be called light in weight and cannot be carried along like the electrically operated lightweight variants available in the market, but at the same time it can be maneuvered easily and hence the weight never comes forward as an obstacle in its use.

The Troy Bilt TB330 has high performance 8” wheels which are durable and can even move your mower smoothly through uneven terrain. This is further eased out by the rear-wheel-drive of this self-propelled lawnmower. Additionally, the ergonomic handle is provided to ease out the operations.

The entire maneuvering unit including the speed control lever and the pull cord for starting the engine are attached to this handle so that you can reach for them easily.

It has a decently large deck size of 21” and a tri-action cutting system with integrated premium deck wash. The large deck means that you would require fewer passes to get the job done and minimum time would be consumed in the endeavor while the tri-action cutting system ensures that even the toughest of the grass is cut in a single pass.

The deck is made of steel and is equipped with a rake bumper that lifts the grass upright before it is cut by the cutting system. The height of the cutting deck can be adjusted to six different grass height options between 1.25” and 3.75”.

The height of the deck is adjusted by a single lever that lifts the deck on all the four wheels. There is another lever that is used to control the speed of the mower which offers four different speed settings you can choose from.

The self-propelled machine is powered by a 163cc Briggs and Stratton Engine. Those who are not aware of Briggs and Stratton, are one of the most reliable and durable engines you can get today and hence you can rest assured of its performance.

The engine provides enough power for you to accomplish your lawn chores easily and comfortably. The Troy-Bilt TB330 has a three in one cutting and mulching deck which provides you three different options to manage the grass clippings.

You can either enforce the mulch plug to mulch the clippings into finer pieces and dispose them off in the field so that they decompose easily and provide nutrients for the growing grass, or you can attach the side discharge chute and discharge the clippings from the side if you do not prefect a rear discharge or you can attach the grass catcher bag to the rear of the mower and collect the grass clippings in the catcher provided.

The grass catcher that comes along with the unit has a capacity of 1.9 bushels and is considered to be a little small in accordance with the power of the mower. Above all the 1.09-quart fuel tank means that you do not have to refill the fuel midway.


The Troy-Bilt TB330 is essentially a user-friendly model. Though powered by a gasoline engine, the Briggs and Stratton 163cc engine is highly reliable and is equipped with a ready start technology.

The engine does not require any priming and the ready start technology allows you to start the engine every time you pull the cord. Engaging the blade controlling handle will start off the mowing process.

This also acts as a safety feature, so if you want to move the mower around without engaging the blades and while using the self-propulsion maneuvering you can do so by releasing the blade control handles.

The self-propelled lawnmower has a rear-wheel-drive which means that the power from the engine used for self-propulsion is transferred to the rear wheels which allow for easy maneuvering even in rough and uneven or hilly terrain.

The controls except for the height adjustment of the deck are attached to the handlebar and are easier to reach. It is difficult to maneuver it on your way back to the storage space if the engine is not on and the self-propelling mode is not engaged.
The Troy-Bilt TB330 is easy to maintain.

Unlike electrically operated machines that require minimal or almost no maintenance, this requires a little oiling or sharpening of the blades. The cleaning of the lawnmower is easy as it has an input for cleaning hose. You can attach the water hose to this input and clean the deck easily.


The Troy-Bilt TB330 has a wide 21” cutting deck with triple action cutting system. The rake guard attached to the deck uplifts the grass and the grass is then cut easily in a single pass by the cutting system.

The height of the deck can be adjusted by the height adjustment lever at six different grass heights between 1.25” and 3.75”. The high powered Briggs and Stratton engine provides adequate power to the mower.

It has four different speed options to choose from too. The speed should be chosen not only keeping in mind the speed with which you want to mow but also in accordance with the thickness and strength of the grass that you are about to cut. The cutting quality and the performance of this mower is something that you can boast off.

The Troy-Bilt TB330 is backed by a warranty of three years.

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