Ariens Zoom 42 915213 Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower Review

The Ariens Company has been into business for quite some time now and has a wide array of outdoor power tools to its credit including highly powerful self-propelled gas-powered lawn mowers and riding lawn mowers too.

The Ariens Zoom 42 Zero-turn mower is a compact ride over lawnmower that is well equipped to handle small to medium-sized lawn with ease. It is the perfect zero turn mower for homeowners and can tackle hilly uneven terrains easily.

Ariens Zoom 42 Review

Ariens Zoom 42


The Ariens Zoom 42 915213 has the traditional Ariens black and saffron color code and is as attractive as any other Ariens machine.

The bold Ariens in front of the deck stands for quality and performance that most of us would long for. This rugged and sturdy machine has a 1.5”x1.5” welded steel frame and has a 42” stamped Xlerator deck.

The 12 gauge steel deck is made from one piece of stamped steel. The stamped steel built makes it lightweight and is designed for maximum airflow and exceptionally long-lasting performance. It has three blades and maintenance-free spindles to give you the ultimate cutting experience.

The 4-point professional deck hanging system gives you a perfectly stable ride. There is a foot-operated deck lift that allows you to adjust the cutting height between 1.5” and 4.5”. Each step in the lever adds a 0.5” to the deck height. There is an additional handy deck height lever to intuitively adjust the deck height.

The 440 lbs zero-turn mower is powered by a 19hp 660cc Kohler 6000 engine. It has a dual cylinder system with a fuel capacity of 7.5lts. The V twin-cylinder engine provides better torque, better mileage, less noise, and vibrations.

The Ariens Zoom 42 915213 zero turn lawn mower runs on a hydro gear EZT transmission Transaxle drive system. The lawnmower can be comfortably cruised at 3-6 miles per hour.

The 915213 has a luxurious high back padded adjustable seat. The seat is 18” tall and provides utmost comfort to the operator.

The control handlebars are situated just in front of the driver seat and can be adjusted to three different positions in accordance with the height of the rider. They have dampers that take off the vibrations.

There is also a three-way adjustable armrest. The 915213 offers plenty of legroom for the riders. A deck washout port enables you to attach a hose easily for cleaning the deck.

The 915213 has anti-scalp wheels and comes with a standard trailer hitch. The zero-turn mower is backed by a three-year warranty for homeowners and a one-year commercial warranty.

Ease of Use

Riding the Ariens Zoom 42 915213 is pretty easy and comfortable. Though initially, it may take you some time to adjust to the zero turn mower, with a little learning and practice you can easily operate it. This best zero turn mower is true to its name and can turn on a dime and has a zero turning radius.

This is aided by the four anti-scalp wheels. The rear wheels are larger than the front ones and can be easily maneuvered even in tight areas.

The operator or the rider has an ultimate mowing experience with the ergonomically designed high back padded seat that is customized to eliminate pressure points so that at no time is the seat uncomfortable.

The sliding seat is adjustable and is accompanied by three-way adjustable armrests and large legroom for you to sit back and relax while mowing.

The adjustable traditional handlebar control can be set in accordance with your height and seating position so that your arms are never fatigued. The addition of dampers to the bars contribute to comfort.


The performance of a zero-turn mower consists of the driver’s comfort, the smooth maneuverability of the mower and the cutting precision. The comfort of the driver has already been mentioned and is well taken care of by the Ariens Zoom 42 915213 lawnmowers.

The powerful and reliable 19hp Kohler 6000 engine along with the hydro-gear EZT transmission makes the drive smooth.

The mower can be cruised through at a speed of 6mph and can be reversed at a maximum speed of 3mph. The acceleration is smooth and there is no jarring during the start and the end of the mowing session.

The mower has a low center of gravity that offers stability to the mower even on inclines. Though the mower is more suited to flat terrains it can handle slopes as well.

The 42” wide cutting deck with the three blades and spindles makes every cut precise and can get the job done in fewer passes. The height of the deck can be easily adjusted with the help of the handy lever and the foot pedal.

While the handy lever adjusts the length of the grass at which it should be cut the foot pedal aids in lifting the entire deck so that you can easily cross over an obstacle or if you suddenly stumble across something that is not grass.

Long tall grass can be handled with multiple passes. The rust-resistant deck discharges the grass clippings efficiently and eliminates any risk of clamping.

The integrated washout port can be easily connected to a garden hose and cleaning the underside of the deck as well as the blades become pretty simple and effortless.

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