GreenWorks Pro 60V Lawn Mower Review

Over the last 11 years, Greenworks Tools have been successfully manufacturing environment-friendly outdoor power tools.

These tools are electrically operated (corded or cordless) and do not use gasoline as a source of power. Hence these tools do not emit any harmful substances in the environment.

Achieving power and performance equivalent to that of the gasoline-powered machines with these products had been the primary matter of concern that had been preventing users to shift to these eco-friendly variants. But with the Greenworks

Tools, this has been successfully achieved and that too at an affordable price. So nowadays more and more people are more keen on using these electrically operated variants and prefer them to the gasoline ones.

The Greenworks Pro 60V self-propelled lawn mower is a part of the Greenworks Pro 60V family that has been designed for homeowners who want to benefit from the advantages of a cordless mower while also being equipped with adequate power to tackle occasional tough jobs.

It has been designed with heavy-duty construction with a high-efficiency motor powered by a 60V battery that can perform equivalent to a gasoline-powered lawn mower.

Greenworks Pro 60V Lawn Mower Review

greenworks pro 60v


To start off with, the Greenworks Pro 60V cordless lawn mower, as the name suggests is a battery-operated lawn mower. The mower has a solid metal frame which is a deviation from standard cordless lawn mowers which have a plastic frame.

The mower thus has a solid and rugged construction to boast off. The sturdy machine has a compact body and weighs around 60lbs which makes it easy to be maneuvered.

The mower can be stored vertically which is an added feature. This easy storage facility calls for less floor space which counts to up to 70% less space when compared to the horizontal mode of storage.

The Greenworks Pro 60V cordless lawn mower rides on large rear wheels which are of the size of 10” while the front wheels are 8” in size. The large rear wheels support the vertical mode of storage.

These large wheels also ease the maneuvering process to a great extent. The machine is designed such that the friction in the wheels is reduced to a bare minimum so that the weight is not felt while moving it through.

The Greenworks Pro 60V lawn mower has a 21” cutting deck made of steel. The steel deck is more durable compared to the plastic ones and the more preferred option.

The 21” cutting width can be easily compared to the gas propelled lawn mowers and is more suited to take care of a lawn ¼ to ½ an acre in size in fewer passes.

The machine has an option to set the height of the deck. The deck height can be adjusted to 7 different heights with the help of a single lever that adjusts the height on all the four wheels.  The deck can be set to a minimum cutting height of 1.38” and a maximum cutting height of 3.75”.

The highly powerful mower which is being compared to gasoline-powered ones is equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor that provides more power, torque and ensures quieter operation and longer motor life.

The motor is also responsible for maximizing the run time and eliminates the need to replace the carbon brushes.

The motor is powered by a 60V lithium-ion battery. The battery is available in 2.0, 2.5 and 5amp hour but the one that comes with the mower kit is of 4Ah.

The battery provides enough power to last for about an hour of mowing time. The battery can be easily removed from the mower unit and set to charge individually without the need for bringing the entire mower near the charging point.

This also facilitates the fact that the battery can be easily replaced when necessary. The Greenworks Pro 60V cordless lawn mower offers three modes of grass clippings management.

You can either rear discharge the clippings and collect them in the grass catcher provided with the mower unit for disposal at a later stage, or you can safely engage the mulch plug and prepare the grass clippings for mulching.

Here the grass clippings are further cut down to smaller pieces for easy decomposition or else you can engage the side chute and dispose of the grass clippings in the lawn itself through the side.

The cordless lawn mower has an ergonomically designed handle that facilitates effortless maneuvering. The entire starting kit i.e. the push-button start, the handlebar are all set on this handle for added convenience.


First of all, it is pretty easy to assemble the Greenworks Pro 60V cordless lawnmower. It comes pre-assembled for the most part of the mower.

You need to only attach the metal arms and that wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. The next thing in terms of preference is the ease with which the mower starts off.

The mower, unlike gasoline-powered ones, starts off easily at the push of a button. You do not have to pull any chord and there is neither any requirement for priming.

Just place the fully charged 4 Amh 60V battery in place and engage the push button. You are ready to go. The handlebar has to be then contracted to move the mower through the lawn.

As already mentioned earlier, the big wheels, the ergonomic handle and the reduced friction on the wheels all add up to the factors that are responsible for the easy maneuvering of the mower. The large wheels aid tilting and the mower turns easily.

Above all, the brushless motor along with the 60V lithium-ion battery helps in getting the job done easily in minimum time.

Charging the battery is also simple. There is a charger provided along with the mower unit that has to be connected to an electrical outlet and the battery needs to be pit into charge after safely removing it from the mower.

The Greenworks Pro 60V requires very little maintenance. It needs to be cleaned every time after use. This increases the durability and longevity of the mower.

The mower doesn’t require any form of oiling or the need to change any spark plugs or air filters as in gasoline-powered mowers.


The steel 21” cutting deck powered by the brushless motor and the 60V lithium-ion battery means that you have access to exceptional cut quality. But the steel deck with the steel body is not very favorable for hilly terrain where it is not easy to maneuver at all.

In addition, the Greenworks Pro 60V lawn mower is equipped with the SmartCut technology that senses automatically and adjusts the speed of the motor accordingly. So the mower is not working at top speed always. Only when the motor senses tough areas does it notch up the speed to deal with it comfortably.

This saves a lot on the battery and increases the run time to a great extent. The deck height can be adjusted to 7 different options between 1.38” and 3.75”. Also, the mower offers all the three modes of disposal of grass clippings, viz. bagging, mulching, and side discharge.

The Greenworks Pro 60V cordless lawn mower has no additional safety features. This may be a matter of concern when you have children around but the easiest way to tackle this problem is to remove the battery when the mower is not in use. It is also advised to do the same when a maintenance job is being done.


The manufacturer offers a 4-year warranty on the product and a two-year warranty on the battery.

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